Big Brother 13: 07.21.2011

Big Brother eviction night and Cassi and Shelly are on the block since Dominic won the POV and took himself off.

Shelly is considering telling Cassi that she made a deal with the Vets in week 1. Don’t give her any ammo Shelly to use against you- don’t be stupid. Cassi is too weak for this game- she won’t even campaign for herself against Shelly. It’s a game Cassi, if you can’t stand up for yourself you don’t deserve to win. Although you’ll probably go home and complain that you were “too pretty” for the game and that’s why you lost. Jordan feels bad too- she should listen to Jeff- cut them and run.

Cassi gives Rachel the truth that Rachel wants her gone because she’s a female. You tell her Cass! Cassi calls her catty and an ugly person inside. Go cry in the bushes Rachel cause it’s true! Now Rachel’s crying in the HOH room to Jordan and Daniele- oh no Cassi’s soooooo mean to me wah wah wah. Now Cassi’s trying to talk to Brendan and he’s having none of it.

Why are there bicycles in the Big Brother House? Where are they going to go in them?

Video package showing Adametallica’s hometown. We meet his girlfriend- she’s kinda cute and seems super nice, see him in his last year audition tape when he weighed 100 pounds more! Wow, he looks good now. Now on to Dominic’s friends who are all drinking out of red solo cups (kegger!!!! kegger!!!). His best friend reveals that he’s a 25 year old virgin- uhhhm ok- maybe TMI there?. Clearly they filmed this before the POV and they were taken off the block. Awkward Big Brother producers, awkward.

Time for the eviction voting now and as expected it’s unanimous for Cassi to go. Shelly gets the Golden Key and can stay for a few more weeks. If I was in the Big Brother house I would have thrown Shelly one vote just to stir up trouble.

Finally we have the HOH competition as the power is up for grabs. Between the 3 people with the Golden Key and the outgoing HOH, half of the Big Brother house is sitting out. It’s a simple “guess what America voted for” competition with all the contestants in a giant prop laptop- pretty cool actually. It’s down to just Brendan and Rachel as all newbs get the same question wrong and Rachel wins HOH and gets all the attention and camera time she so desperately wants.

I wonder how that’s going to work with the 2 week slop pass she took last competition- does HOH override it? The veterans are running this house.

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