Big Brother 13: 07.27.2011

Rachel nominated Dominic and Adam in the last Big Brother episode. They’ve both been assured they are just the pawn. Rachel’s still pissed at Jeff and Jordan, could she put them up?

Adam seems to have an endless supply of bacon shirts (thank goodness it’s not 90210 shirts). Rachel busts in on Adam and Dominic’s convo and tries to make a deal even though she already made deals with them like 2 hours earlier. Dom says let’s wait till the Veto to see what’s up. Dom’s counting on Daniele to protect him.

Daniele is the HOH feeding Rachel ideas to get rid of Jeff and Jordan as they play a makeshift game of mancala with cereal and cups. Oh no, Brenchel in the bathtub giving each other foot massages– ugh- that’s just nasty guys. Rachel’s boob pops out (blurred!) and now they have a big decision to make (no not about the boob, about the nominations).

Brenchel tells Dominic to throw the Veto and join with them. Dom is just saying whatever they want to hear. Smart move kid- keep the people everyone hates.

Jeff is getting suspicious about how much Daniele and Dominic are hanging up. You should be Jeff and what took you so long to figure this one out?

Brendan realizes that Daniele wants the two power couple veterans to go after each other and put herself in a good position. Jeff and Jordan comes up to the HOH to discuss strategy with Brenchel and they all know what Daniele’s up to.

Veto competition time and Brenchel, Adam/Dom, and Jeff/Jordan are competing. Porsche Turbo gets to host- which is good because she hasn’t been on the show in like 3 weeks.

There’s a giant hairy legged model in the yard- probably 50 feet long in a giant tub. Players have to gather up the foam letters in the hairs and spell the longest word- Jeff wants to redeems his Tecnotronics disaster.

Rachel is inexplicably choking on the suds. Adam’s trying to spell procrastination- decent word but he can’t find a “p”. Jeff is going for “express”. Jeff that barely has any letters in it. Jordan spelled “little”; well at least she spelled it right. Dominic spelled “standings” to top her. Rachel MISpelled “moisturizing” for zero points. Adam take the lead with “fractions”. Jeff takes the lead with “expresses”. Ok you showed me Jeff. Finally Brendan destroys everyone with “understanding” and wins the POV.

Rachel still doesn’t trust Dominic, she’s thinking of putting Kalia and Lawon up. Daniele can’t convince her- yet. Shelly makes an appearance! Hi Shelly, didn’t realize you were in the house still. Dominic mistakenly tells Shelly that he’s coming after Jeff and Jordan- her best alliance in the house. Shelly tells Jordan everything. They know Daniele’s plotting this whole thing. Jordan runs up to HOH to tell Brenchel. Dominic and Daniele are totally busted.

This has just totally strengthened the veteran couples alliance. They want final four now, no matter what. And they want Daniele gone, or at least without her best ally- Dom. Time for the Veto Ceremony and Brendan smartly decides not to use the power of veto. The veterans are STILL running this house.

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