Big Brother 13: 07.28.2011

Eviction night on Big Brother in the final night of Double Trouble. After Dominic or Adam is gone, everyone is playing as individuals. Brenchel has given both nominees their word that they would stay so anything can happen.

Daniele comes in to Brenchel begging for Dominic to stay. She says she’s got their back but Brendan isn’t buying it. You’re smarter than you look (or speak) Brendan.

Kalia speaks and gets some airtime! She lies to Jordan about being on her and Jeff’s side. Meanwhile Jeff is trying to get Dominic to admit he wanted to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. Dom’s lying saying he has no idea about it. Noob move buddy. Dom’s getting blamed for Daniele’s plan. She’s the black widow Dom, you should have stayed away.

Jeff wants to call a house meeting and out all the newbies who are trying to get him out. Now Dominic has to figure out a way to convince the Vets that it wasn’t his idea to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. Jeff calls him an “accessory” to the backdoor which he compares to murder.

Rachel throws in a “we hate floaters” line and says Adam’s a floater. Grab a lifevest Adametallica.

Kalia starts in with Brendan and plays the “rocket science” card on her. Kalia’s pissed because he called her a floater. Get some backbone Kalia, this flipping out stuff is making you look bad and in Big Brother the crazies always get sent packing.

House meeting time! Jeff and Brendan are going after Kalia, saying she double-crossed them and now she’s getting pissed and about to lose it. I’m predicting a Kalia walkout soon. She can’t deal with this. Now they’re calling out Daniele and she’s admitting it was her idea. Jeff is threatened by Daniele and is trying to turn the house against her. Lawon?! says he’s playing the HOH to win. WTF Lawon- just lay low.

Eviction ceremony time and Dominic and Adam make their fake speeches- has anyone ever had their minds changed by any speech ever? Dominic calls the rest of the house spineless and poor players. Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Brendan, Shelly, Lawon and Porsche all vote for Dominic while only Daniele pity votes for Adam. Dominic is evicted.

Dominic gives his exit interview, Jordan does a funny imitation of Rachel and Julie Chen makes an announcement to the houseguests. The duo twist is over and everyone is playing solo.

Time for the live Head of Household competition and it’s a winter wonderland in the Big Brother backyard. The houseguests are all propped up on skis sticking out from a wall and have to stay balanced as long as possible. Two minutes in and Lawon looks like he’s in severe pain already as the skis slide back and forth. As expected the competition continues on beyond this episode. Stay tuned….

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