Big Brother 13: 07.31.2011

Continuing the HOH competition from Thursday’s Big Brother, everyone is upon the wall mounted skis as they move back and forth. Hope you’ve all been doing your ellipticals!

The wall starts leaning forward and the fake snow is blowing. Adametallica isn’t looking so good and he’s the first to drop after only 9 minutes. He gets to choose a “prize” snowball and he gets to wear an elf suit for one week. Lawon, who looked like he was straining after about 1 minute, falls next. His prize is he gets to be a Have Not for the week. Brendan falls next- he’s horrible in the physical competitions. At least he gets a prize- Have Not for the week. Jeff drops next after 51 minutes- tough it out Jeff- jeez. Well at least he wins the $10,000- that’ll serve you well when you get kicked out next week Jeff.

Jordan falls next just shy of an hour up there. Jordan gets her Have Not prize. All the vets except Daniele have dropped. Porsche’s not looking good and mis-identifies her shoulder in the intervierw- lol. That’s your elbow, girl. She falls too. Daniele, Kalia, and Shelly are still hanging. Brendan claims that Kalia’s muffin top is helping her stay up on the wall- lol. Daniele just looks like she can stand up there all day long. Shelly drops and the vets have lost all their allies. Kalia falls next after an hour and a half and Daniele wins HOH, easily. Sheeeeeee’s back.

And here comes Sad Rachel. If she’s not in power it’s Sad Rachel time. Bring out the pout. And she should be worried because Daniele just told Jordan that her and Jeff are not the target this week, although Jordan isn’t believing her.

Time to see Daniele’s HOH room. Rachel notices that nobody is super excited to see the HOH room- hello Rachel they’ve all been faking it whenever it’s your time- haven’t you ever seen the show before? Lawon gets the HOH robe and we see him giving a heart to heart with the ladies about being gay.

Jeff has to talk to Daniele and discuss strategy after she tried to backdoor him last week. They hash it out and put it behind them. She says she won’t put them up in exchange for a one week truce- you know, the standard Big Brother one week deal.

Time for Adametallica to put on his elf costume. Thank goodness it’s not the unitard. He’s kinda creepy in the costume, but then again he’s kinda creepy when he’s not in the costume. Have Not’s are eating seaweed and sardines this week- ugh.

Brendan and Sad Rachel head put to the HOH room to try to convince Daniele that it’s all good now. Apologies are offered but I don’t think it’s going to do any good Brenchel.

Nomination ceremony time and in case your DVR didn’t record the rest because the Big Brother went long tonight (come on CBS!) here’s what happens. Everyone looking a little nervous. Elf Adam is safe first, then Kalia (no surprise), Shelly, Lawon, Jordan, Porsche, and Jeff are all safe meaning Brenchel is on the block!

Daniele says last week she made a big move and they went against her and drew the first sword and this was the best move for her and that nobody else would do it. Rachel gives us a “nobody comes between me and my man”. Jeff is worried about the backdoor (again) and wants to the win veto. Brendan says he’s going to win the power of veto and take Rachel off, just like any man would do. And now Big Brother has gotten really interesting. Can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.

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