Big Brother 13: 08.03.2011

Big Brother is getting hot with Brenchel on the block thanks to Daniele actually stepping up and playing the game. A crying Rachel gives a tough-girl threat to her- right to her face– oh wait no, she only does it in the privacy of the Diary Room. Argh now Brendan just called her Bukie…they’re both Bukie? Oh no, crying Bukie Brendan in the Diary Room. Just send them both the hell home, I can’t take the crying anymore.

Oh jeez extreme closeup of them crying. Bukie says he’s going to cure cancer and be a millionaire. Just stop crying firsh Bukie.

Jeff and Jordan are worried that if one of Brenchel wins the Veto, one of the J’s is going up as a replacement.

They’re picking players for the Veto competition to play along with Daniele and the Bukies. By random draw, it’s Jeff, AdamElftallica, and Porsche Turbo. Lawon gets to host. Lawon comes out with a huge Flavor Flav style clock around his neck. Looks like an obstacle course of every competition they’ve had so far.

Ooh, not an obstacle course- instead competitors have to pick a time they think they can complete a task inspired by each of five previous tasks. A combination of betting and skills. The first competition is chewing 10 bubble gum pieces and sticking them- the low time goes to Rachel, of course, and she has 2:00 to complete it. Kalia makes us all nauseous by saying the Bukies cheering is what they sound like in bed. Thanks Kalia, really thanks. Rachel completes it in time with Bukie cheering her on, Heavy Metal Elf Adam picked the highest time and he’s out.

The next challenge is puzzle, Rachel picks the lowest time- again (because she thinks so highly of herself- overconfident). And she can’t do it! Rachel is out. The next one is plucking hairs and spelling an 11 letter word. Daniele picks a really low time (what are you thinking Daniele- or not thinking) and has to spell “nominations” quickly. And she can’t do it- and is eliminated! Not even close, girl.

Next round is the cow outfit milk transporting competition. Jeff has the lowest time and he has to complete it in time to win. He’s dunking himself and rolling around in the milk- it’s looking good despite a wipeout exiting the milk pool. And he finishes micro-seconds after time expires. Sorry Jeff, he’s out leaving just Bukie Brendan and Porsche 911.

The last challenge is the golf putting challenge. Brendan has the fastest time and has to make the shot to win. He makes it with 2 seconds to spare and Bukie wins the Power of Veto. Worst case scenario for Daniele, she doesn’t need another enemy when she chooses the replacement.

Oh no, the Bukies are crying from happiness now. Brendan is telling everyone he’s using on himself but he’s really going to use it on Rachel. Decent plan Brendan, if anyone believes you, or if it actually changes anything.

Shelly comes up to HOH and is sketchy as hell playing all sides of the house. She might have just put herself up on the block as a replacement, says the bottled beer chugging Daniele. Daniele might want to make a deal with the J’s. JeJordan comes up, Jordan volunteers herself as a pawn. Don’t do it Jordan- are you stupid? Don’t answer that.

Jeff goes down to Bukie to see who he’s taking off and he lies to Jeff and says he’s taking himself off. Brendan asks Daniele to put a floater up, like Lawon. He’s trying to team up with her or something. But since he’s staying on the block, who the heck knows what he’s doing by talking to her. I don’t even think he knows what he thinks he’s doing.

Veto meeting and Brendan uses it on Rachel. Nobody actually seems that shocked. Daniele chooses to put up Jordan as the replacement nominee. Rachel is crying, what else is new? At least the show is almost over so we don’t have to see it. Bukie thinks he got the best of her but Daniele wants him gone anyway, so “whatever” she says.

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