Big Brother 13: 08.15.2011

Bukie is back! Bye bye sad Rachel, hello annoying Rachel again. Things are not looking good for Daniele now with her enemies back with numbers. Looks like they reeled in Adam along with Shelly leaving Kalia, Daniele and Porsche to float away.

Rachel knows about Shelly’s deal with Jeff and Jordan. Kalia can’t believe America voted Brendan back in (did you see who he was up against Kalia? boring people!) Brenchel is back, baby!

Time for one of the biggest HOH competitions of the season. There are big cutouts of states from each of the houseguests and things from that state to count. Competitors have to guess how many of each object there is. Standard Big Brother competition but it doesn’t necessarily favor the vets since it’s not physical.

Rachel is the first one gone. Jordan is next out. Not looking good for the veterans alliance so far. Brendan is next out. Uh oh. Jeff is out and all the vets are dunzo. Shelly’s gone. It’s down to Adam, Porsche, and Daniele. Adam is out, not surprising he hasn’t won shit this whole game except a week in an elf costume. And Daniele wins it!

The Vets alliance is pissed. Rachel thinks that her deal with Rachel and Kalia from last week is still valid or that she can still make a deal with them this week. Daniele’s suspicious of Shelly now so Rachel just might stay a bit longer.

Jordan does a mock interview with Shelly to work on her job interviewing skills and lets just say she’s probably not getting a new job anytime soon.

Adam goes up to HOH to talk Daniele to make the standard one week safety deal. Daniele isn’t buying it, floater. Shelly’s next up there and it’s just awkward between them. Daniele thinks she’s just kissing her ass because she’s HOH this week (probably true). Kalia is pissed at Shelly.

Brenchel tries to make a secret alliance with Daniele but she doesn’t fully trust them. They all want Shelly gone, so it might be a smart move- or the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

Nomination ceremony and does Daniele go after or work with Brendan and Rachel? She makes the bold move and puts up Shelly and Adam! Huge! Daniele’s still leaving open the possibility of backdooring Bukie though…anything can happen on Big Brother.

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