Big Brother 13: 08.17.2011

Everything’s been twisted around on Big Brother with Daniele nominating Shelly and Adam, somehow Brenchel cut a deal to stay off. Daniele has to tell Shelly that Brendan’s the real target via backdoor. The Power of Veto competition’s gonna be huge this week (isn’t it always though?)

Shelly confronts Porsche in front of everyone about cutting a deal with Rachel. Seems like everyone’s trying to throw Shelly under the bus this week. I don’t know what’s going on but Shelly is getting pissed off and about to lose it here.

Veto competition time. Shelly, Adam and Daniele are playing as nominees and HOH. The other three players are: Jordan, Kalia, and Jeff. WIth Brenchel on the sidelines, they can potentially be replacement nominees. Porsche gets to host.

It’s a farm themed competition, with hay and cornstalks and a barn. It’s Big Brother cornhole! Shelly misses the board completely and is the first one out. Jordan is next out and she gives up 24 hours in solitary with a phone call to Shelly so Shelly can speak to her family. Daniele is on fire this competition, making cornhole after cornhole. Kalia is next out and wins a Caribbean vacation. Daniele is out and gets a Veto Ticket to automatically compete in next week’s Veto Competition. It’s down to Jeff and Adam; Adam wants Jeff to throw it. Jeff throws it and Adam wins the Power of Veto. Jeff wins $5000. Adam trades his “humilitard” to Jordan for the Veto.

Adam’s going to pull himself off the block, opening the door for Brendan to go up. Daniele assures Jeff he’s safe and that Brendan’s the target. Shelly’s been sent to solitary for her 24 hours as Jordan gets her humilitard, which really isn’t that bad. It’s not as bad as having to use a bucket for the bathroom like Shelly does. Shelly gets the call to her husband and daughter and it’s a a total cryfest.

Brenchel comes up to the HOH room to beg Daniele to put up Jeff, saying he’s building an army and that they’ll be loyal to the end. Adam takes himself off the block as expected. Daniele puts up Brendan as the replacement nominee, calling him a zombie that just won’t die. Bring on the crying Rachel- aaaarrrrgh.

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