Big Brother 13: 08.18.2011

It’s eviction night on Big Brother with Brendan and Shelly up on the block and it could sort of go either way. Jeff and Jordan have a big decision to make with two allies up for eviction.

Daniele wants Brendan out. Uh oh, here comes crying Rachel, at least Bukie is here now to soothe her. Get a fucking grip Rachel, jeez. If Brendan has Jeff and Jordan’s votes, he only needs either Adam or Porsche to stay.

Brendan talks to Adam, tells him that he needs to keep more males in the house otherwise he will be the target. Rachel tells Porsche that Shelly wants to put her up and that she should keep Brendan in the house over her. Brenchel is working it here, trying to keep Bukie.

Daniele’s offering Jeff and Jordan a deal if they evict Brendan; she wants to start fresh even though she tried to get rid of Jeff two weeks back. The J’s tell Brenchel that if he can’t get the vote from Adam, they’re going to vote him out along with the rest of the house.

Time for the voting and we finally see Kalia this episode! I guess if Kalia is not HOH she doesn’t get any airtime. And you know what, I’m ok with that. Not looking good for Brendan, it’s unanimous (except Rachel, notch) as Brendan is sent packing for the second time this game. LOL Rachel’s message to Bukie says she’s “way less emotional in this game without him”- that’s pure comedy gold right there Bukie 2.

Live Head of Household competition now and the power is up for grabs. Houseguests have to run a cup of soap across the yard and fill up a fishbowl. Except the yard is covered in a super-slick surface. The competition continues beyond tonight’s episode as Julie tells us next week is double eviction week. Sweet.

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