Big Brother 13: 08.24.2011

It’s Big Brother time and Porsche and Kalia are on the block which means they’ll probably get more airtime tonight than they’ve had the whole season combined. Jeff is still leaving the option to backdoor Daniele if she doesn’t win the POV this week but either way one of that alliance is gone. Daniele told Jeff she would throw the veto but she’s probably not going to do that so she can guarantee her own safety.

Adam is kinda kissing Jeff’s ass for no reason. He says if he wins veto, he’ll do what Jeff says to do with it. It’s Daniele’s 25th birthday and Rachel is starting in with her, antagonizing her a bit just for fun. She’s really getting under Daniele’s skin. Is it really her birthday? Nobody else is mentioning it or celebrating in any way..hmm.

Daniele won the veto ticket last week so she’s guaranteed in the veto competition this week making 7 players in the competition. They pick and Rachel is the only one sitting out- and we get treated to a quick pouting Rachel.

Jordan finally gets to take off the humilitard. And here comes the Zingbot! Zingbot 3000 is here to insult the crap out of everyone. Zingbot lays down a few zingers and it’s time for the Veto Competition. Contestants have to build a bride of Zingbot- sort of like a giant puzzle.

Daniele and Jeff are making good progress. Adam and Shelly are taking their sweet ass time and not trying to win. Jeff is way far ahead. Kalia is sucking, what else is new? And Jeff wins it by a country mile.

Now Kalia and Porsche need to start begging and Daniele needs to start talking. It’s a big decision for big Jeff. Kalia is worried that people will think she’s a bigger threat than Porsche- don’t worry about that Kalia, everyone knows you’re sucking.

Porsche tries to make the standard one week you’re safe deal with Jeff. Kalia tries to convince him to take out Porsche because she’s a floater. Daniele tries to convince him that she’s on his side and their deal is still valid.

Veto meeting time and the two nominees make their speeches which will have no bearing on anything. Why even go through the motions with this, Big Brother? Jeff decides to use the power of veto to save Porsche. He puts up Daniele as his replacement nominee. Jeff says he can’t trust her. And despite what she says in her interview, I think he’s right. She’s too good a competitor in challenges to keep around- give her the boot Big Jeff!

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