Big Brother 13: 08.25.2011

Not only is it eviction night on Big Brother, it’s also double eviction night with a whole week’s worth of events in one night which means way more Julie Chen than anyone really wants to see… but anyway… Either Daniele or Kalia is going home tonight. Jeff is targeting Daniele, we’ll see how it plays out.

Daniele is trying to work Shelly for a vote. She must might do it to break from Jeff and Jordan. Shelly talks to Adam about this. Adam’s not really going for it though, he’s in love with Jeff.

Now Shelly mentions to Rachel that Jeff threw the Veto competition that sent Brendan home. Rachel talks to Daniele about maybe keeping her. Julie tells us that the house just exploded when Jeff found out that Shelly has flipped- CBS, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SHOW US THIS? WTF?

Daniele gives a scathing speech about how everyone is just writing Jeff and Jordan the check. Time to vote- Shelly flipped and is voting for Kalia to go, Rachel did not and votes Daniele as does Adam and Jordan which means Daniele is evicted from the Big Brother House.

HOH competition time. It’s a before or after competition where contestants have to order 2 events correctly. Adam is the first one gone (no surprise there). Porsche, Rachel and Shelly are out. It’s down to Kalia and Jordan only. Kalia somehow wins it.

Kalia has to immediately make her nominations live. She goes with putting Jeff and Rachel on the block. Immediately following is the live Veto Competition. Contestants have to search for clown shoes in a ball pit. It doesn’t seem that hard. Porsche quickly finds her two shoes and wins the Power of Veto.

Jeff and Rachel plead their case to get her to take them off the block. Porsche decides not to use it and either Jeff or Rachel is going home tonight. Now Jeff and Rachel have to plead their case to keep them around.

Jordan votes to evict Rachel, no surprise there. Porsche votes for Jeff to go. Adam votes for Rachel to go- he decided on the fly there. Shelly votes for Jeff to go. It’s a tie vote! Kalia is HOH and gets to make the final decision. Kalia votes for BIg Jeff to go.

So the two strongest players get the boot this week- Daniele and Jeff.

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