Big Brother 13: 08.31.2011

Since Porsche opened up Pandora’s box (stupid!!!!) the Big Brother season twist is back and it’s duos again. Rachel and Jordan are teamed up which gives them a chance to both be removed from the block together. Rachel is super pumped up about this. If one of them wins veto, Shelly and Adam are up on the block.

Everyone is pissed Porsche ruined their game for $5000. Now Shelly’s in danger. All that flip flopping could be coming back to hurt her. Adam is floating on by. Kalia gets $5000 too as Porsches partner but in Porsche’s smartest move of the game they choose not to reveal that everyone else.

Nominations really don’t matter since it all comes down to the Veto but Porsche nominates Rachel and Jordan anyway.

Rachel and Jordan come up to HOH to talk to Kalia and Porsche about making a final four deal and getting rid of Adam and Shelly as the next two. They’d be stupid not to take the deal- it’s a free one week pass.

Jordan is still pissed at Shelly for sending Jeff home. Shelly’s upset and crying and saying she’s the only one paying the price for her “big move”. Adam says it right- you shot yourself in the foot Shelly.

It’s time for the Veto Competition and there’s a set of dummies hanging from parachutes with the evicted houseguests’ faces. Each remaining houseguest has to hang on to their original partner dummy and stay up there. Rachel’s using her legs, others are using their arms. Adam’s struggling after like 4 minutes- shocker. Dude sucks at every competition no matter what it is. After 4:35, he’s down and out.

Jordan falls after 8 minutes. Shelly’s down after 12 minutes. After 18 minutes Porsche falls too. It’s down to Kalia and Rachel. Rachel doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon. Rachel tries to intimidate her a bit saying she’s not going anywhere. After 32 minutes, or 8 times Adam’s time, Kalia drops too and Rachel wins Veto! Floaters grab a liferaft.

Kalia’s going to reluctantly work with Rachel since she couldn’t get rid of her. Shelly and Jordan make up. Now Shelly is begging to not go home and that she’ll work with Rachel and Jordan if she stays. Shelly’s such a lying flip flopper.

The Veto ceremony is nothing but a formality as Rachel pulls herself and Jordan off the block and Porsche puts up Adam and Shelly.

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