Big Brother 13: 09.01.2011

Eviction night on Big Brother and Shelly and Adam are on the block after Rachel pulled herself and Jordan off the block last episode.

Rachel and Jordan are now Jochel? That’s horrible. Shelly and Adam have to start scrambling to avoid the jury house. Shelly finds a fortune teller machine in the couch room and she starts talking to it, waiting for it to spit out a fortune. For 3 hours. LOL Shelly- that’s 2 hours and 59 minutes of wasted time.

Shelly thinks she can convince Rachel that she’s a pawn and will protect Jochel. Rachel doesn’t respect Adam’s floating the whole game. Don’t vote on respect Rachel! Adam also promises them the world. Rachel is considering keeping Shelly because she’s such a big target. Smart move- keep the ones everyone hates in.

Now we see the Jury House finally and Brendon’s had the week alone in the giant house. First to show up is Daniele. Brendon is happy to see her, notch. She did evict him twice this season after all. A little while later, Jeff comes through the door to join them. Shocker! Jeff watches the video of him getting evicted and is pissed because he sees the clown shoe he missed that would have saved his game. Clown shoe.

Eviction time. Shelly gives a ridiculous speech at Rachel and Jordan, completely turning her back (both literally and figuratively) on Kalia and Porsche. Kalia’s vote doesn’t matter (Adam). Rachel and Jordan both vote to evict Shelly. All Shelly’s snaking and weaseling has finally come back to haunt her. And Adam floats on by again.

Live HOH competition. With only 5 left and 4 playing this one is huge. Houseguests are wearing sports gear. There’s a giant rolling pin and spoon and they have to run through a mess and bring donuts back to their stand. Rachel immediately starts to take the lead and they cut it off until next episode…….

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