Big Brother 13: 09.04.2011

We’re continuing the HOH competition from last episode and contestants are moving donuts back and forth through a goopy glaze and under a giant rolling pin. Rachel is about 25 times more athletic than anyone else left, so we fully expect her to win.

Kalia had no idea that Rachel and Jordan were voting for Shelly last week and instead voted for Adam, which puts her on Adam’s shitlist now. Of course Adam hasn’t won anything the entire game, so it shouldn’t matter.

Back to the competition, Adam and Rachel are leading. Kalia is so slow, no surprise there. Rachel has a slight lead with 2 minutes left. Surprisingly close. Adam is looking motivated but still slow as anything. Rachel wins “for Brendon”. Shocker! not.

Adam’s still floating around, playing both sides. Kalia sleeps through the “who wants to see my HOH room”, don’t piss off Rachel- wake up. O.M.G. every picture is of her and Brendon. All the ladies are fawning over Brendon for some reason. Nobody liked him in the house like that.

Kalia is trying to kiss up to Rachel and make some sort of deal. Kalia says she’ll take Jordan and Rachel to the final 3 over Porsche (and in her interview it sounds like she’s actually being sincere about that).

Rachel and Jordan are talking and Rachel reveals she’s had numerous car accidents from not paying attention- shocker! not.

Porsche makes the same promise that everyone else is going to make- that she will take Rachel to the final 3 too. But Porsche, unlike Kalia, is flat out lying to her.

Adam’s Tori Spelling and 90210 obsession is recapped. Dude is obsessed. Like scary obsessed. Like his future is a court order to stand 500 feet away or more obsessed.

Pandora’s box in the HOH room. Will Rachel open it? And it’s a video screen of Tori Spelling with clothes behind her. She really wants a shopping spree but she’s scared of the potential twist consequence. She’s going to open it!

It’s Jessie from her season of Big Brother- definitely not a celebrity. With a huge amount of “Mr Pec-tacular” swag. And Tori Spelling comes into the house to mingle with the rest of the houseguests. Adam is freaking the f out. Tori quizzes Adam on some 90210 trivia and of course he nails it all. While Rachel is trapped in Pandora’s box, the rest of the house gets a shopping spree. Rachel gets to watch all the fun on a TV while being verbally tortured by Mr. Pec-tacular.

Adam is flip flopping back with Rachel and Jordan, saying he’s on board for the final 3. Rachel thinks (correctly!) that Adam is the weakest player in the house and will be easy to beat, so she’ll probably keep him. He hasn’t won crap the whole game.

Nomination ceremony at the smaller sized table tonight. Jordan is safe and Adam is safe. Kalia and Porsche are on the block. It all comes down to the Veto- shocker! not.

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