Big Brother 13: 09.07.2011

It’s a Big Brother special eviction episode. Things are heating up and moving quickly as we get closer to the finale next week. Rachel won the HOH last episode and put up Kalia and Porsche and we’re playing the Power of Veto Competition tonight.

Best scenario for Kalia and Porsche is Adam flip flops back to their side, wins the Veto, takes one of them down and puts Jordan up and Jordan goes out. Adam tells Jordan he’s still on their side for the final 3. Jordan’s worried.

Veto competition has a big shark, octopus and a smattering of pies throughout the yard. The shark is named Otev and talks annoyingly and the contestants have to find pies with the name of the contestant that answers Otev’s question correctly.

First round and Jordan is the last up the hill and is eliminated (no surprise). Second round and Rachel is the last one back with the pie plate and is out. It’s down to the three nooks, Porsche is rocking this and is first back, followed by Adam then Kalia. Kalia is eliminated. Adam and Porsche are left to race for the Veto. Kalia starts crying and Rachel of all crying in the bushes people tells her to cry her a river. Final round and Porsche realizes she grabbed the wrong plate and has to go back to find the right one. Meanwhile Adam FINALLY wins something and has the POV.

Julie Chen introduces the Jury house as Shelly is about to join the loser’s club. Jeff confronts her about his demise. They watch the DVD and they’re still arguing. Poor Brendon and Daniele are going to have to endure that until the next person shows up.

Adam’s got the power and Kalia’s got the waterworks. Stop crying, Kalia, jeez. Kalia’s trying to convince Adam to take one of them down and be the 3 noobs until the end. They’re trying to get him to “make a big move”. Time for the ceremony and Adam decides NOT to use the Power of Veto. Doesn’t matter to him, he’s final 3 no matter what I think.

Now in a non-fast forward feels like a fast forward show, it’s the eviction ceremony. If they’re smart they’ll take out Kalia since she’s a tougher competitor than Porsche. Jordan votes for Porsche to leave and Adam for Kalia. Rachel breaks the tie and sends Kalia packing.

The Big Brother fortune teller finally broke her silence. What does she have to say? She’s not a fortune teller, she’s a joker- telling what each evicted contestant will be doing in their future. Waking up the contestants at ungodly hours with each of these predictions. You’re no zingbot, fortune teller.

The HOH competition is questions based on the fortunes she told them. Adam takes the early lead over Porsche and Jordan. Porsche is quickly falling out of it. Adam wins it! His first Head of Household win at a key time- finally! I’ll say it again because it’s probably the first and only time we will be saying this: Adam wins it!

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