Big Brother 13: 09.08.2011

Big Brother is getting down to the end here as Head of Household Adam has all the power this week.

Jordan made a smart move voting to keep Kalia even though she got evicted. This way the blood is on Rachel’s hands.

Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room? I think they all actually kinda do this time- no faking. Adam’s entire goody table is filled with bacon and bacon candies and bacon toys.

Porsche is up in the HOH room and Adam’s acting like he was working with her the whole time. Jordan is convinced that Adam is taking Porsche, screwing her and Rachel over after they carried him the whole season. In the end it doesn’t matter who he nominates since everyone is competing for the veto anyway.

Nomination time and only person can be safe and it’s….Rachel. Jordan and Porsche 911 are on the block.

It’s possibly the most important Veto competition of the summer. It’s a Jukebox Veto competition. Contestants have to arrange 10 blocks so 2 sides of each block have names that match up to their accomplishment.

Porsche is going with the stack them on the ground strategy- all the others are stacking them on the pole which means if they screw up they have to remove them all to fix it. Jordan is getting flustered. Porsche hits her buzzer first after stacking them on the pole but she’s got one wrong. Now everyone else is hurrying up but somehow Porsche wins the golden power of veto!

Oh no, bring on crying Rachel. Oh jeez…don’t you remember yelling at Kalia for crying just last week? Oh please this is horrible make it stop.

Now Rachel pulls herself together and tries to convince Porsche to take her to the final 3 over Jordan. Porsche has a huge decision to make- Jordan already won a few years back but Rachel will more likely take her to the final 2.

POV meeting and Porsche pulls herself off and Rachel is the replacement nominee along with Jordan. They both make their speeches and Porsche make the singular vote to evict Jordan. Teary Rachel gives her the taped message as Julie asks some “tough” questions lololol..softballs.

Now it’s time to begin the final HOH competition. It’s a three parter and the winner chooses who remains in the house with them for the final two. Contestants are on a giant mixer in a pool of something or other, spinning around and around.

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