Big Brother 13: 09.14.2011 Finale

It’s the Big Brother season finale and it’s down to Rachel, Adam, and Porsche battling it out to be the final Head of Household and the eventual winner of the half million dollars.

The competition continues from last time with the three standing on giant blender blades, spinning around, getting dunked in the butter and splattered. Porsche and Rachel have a deal but neither really trusts the other. 22 minutes in and Adam’s struggling- his legs are hurting. And he drops 29 minutes in. No surprise there, he hasn’t won crap the whole year.

39 minutes in and Porsche is starting to get sick to the stomach a bit as they spin around and go up and down. Porsche isn’t looking good at all, and after 46 minutes she falls in the butter and Rachel wins part one.

Now Adam and Porsche are going to face off in part two of the final Big Brother HOH competition. They have to go into a tank filled with water and move the houseguest figures through a maze to the correct spots. Porsche is going first and making decent time, moving two faces through at once- but she’s taking a lot of breaths and stopping in the middle a bunch.

Adam’s turn and he says he knows the answers like the back of his hand. He takes the goggles off because they’re fogging up and throws them out of the pool. But now he can’t see so he has to go get them. Stupid move Adam!

Adam’s time is 6:03 and Porsche did it in 3:50, destroying him. Oh Adam lost a competition- didn’t see that happening. I’m shocked. Shocker! Rachel and Porsche will face off live in part 3 of the HOH competition.

Showing the jury now as they await the next jury house member…it’s Kalia. And right behind her is Jordan. Daniele is smug about this. They all think Rachel is the toughest competitor left but they don’t like the way she treated people the game. Porsche has totally floated most of the game. Adam made no big moves but he played both sides without winning anything. Daniele calls Adam a piggybacked, not making his own decisions ever.

Final round of the HOH happening. It’s a quiz about statements that the 6 jury members made. Rachel take the early lead 1-0. They are mostly choosing the same answers for the questions, right or wrong. Rachel wins it 2-0 and is the final Head of Household. Well deserved Rachel. And thank goodness because if this finale was marred by crying Rachel, I’d be pissed.

Adam and Porsche give their little speeches to beg Rachel to keep them. Adam gives a heavy metal shoutout and a decent speech saying if she keeps Porsche, it’s not floaters grab a liferaft, it’s floaters grab a paycheck. Rachel makes an unnecessary speech and evicts Adam. Porsche and Rachel are the final two.

Julie Chen brings out the jury to the live studio audience. They bring out the seventh member Adam to everyone’s delight. The jury’s going to question the final two before picking the winner of Big Brother. Rachel mentions that she was a target in every answer no matter what the question is. Porsche is evasive in her answers.

Time to vote now. No surprise, Brendon is voting for Rachel. Daniele disses Rachel, saying she’s lucky it’s not a personality contest.

Julie Chen brings out the first few evicted houseguests not on the jury. Evel Dick thinks that Daniele destroyed the best alliance the game’s ever seen. Cassie said she was surprised at how manipulative Shelly turned out to be. Julie’s going to announce American’s Favorite Houseguest who will receive $25,000 later tonight.

Julie’s ready to announce the votes. Winner gets $500,000 and runner up gets $50,000. Brendon voted for Rachel (shocker!). Daniele voted for Porsche. Jeff voted for Rachel. Shelly voted for Rachel. Kalia voted for Porsche. Jordan voted for Rachel and Rachel is the winner of Big Brother 13. Jeff wins America’s favorite. Adam voted for Porsche too which means that Shelly was the deciding vote for Rachel.

Congrats to Rachel.

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