Big Brother 13: Premiere

It’s Summer and that means time for Big Brother. This is the season of Double Trouble where a team from the past will return to the show! Julie reveals that 8 new houseguests will enter the house and have to team up and then 3 teams of two from previous seasons will enter. Let’s see who is on the show this year as they fake pack their bags.

We meet Dominic, an adrenalin junkie who lives with his mom. Cassi is a Southern tomboy girl who’s a model. Lawon is the stylish flamboyant guy. Keith is a youth minister who chases the ladies. Shelly is an outdoorswoman who hunts fishes and runs a business. Adam is the heavy metal wackjob with the big goatee. Kalia thinks she’s Carrie from Sex in the City. Porsche is a VIP waitress from Miami and is already annoying me after a 10 second clip.

The 8 contestants enter the house and first impressions are that there’s a lot of fake wallpaper- bricks, books, rainbow- it’s just very visually busy to me. They quickly realize there’s more place settings at the table and beds than people. Twist forthcoming! Everyone gathers around and meets one another.

Interestingly, at least 3 of them lie about their jobs. Let the games begin! Julie Chen up on the screen to reveal that they should expect the unexpected and that everyone’s playing in pairs this year. If one wins HOH this year, both partners are safe and they will have to nominate duos for elimination who will then campaign against each other.

Flower wearing Keith instantly picks Porsche. Metal Adam picks young, slightly scared of him Dominic. Flamboyant Lawon picks the wants-to-lay-low Kalia. Shelly and Cassi, the two Southern girls partner up.

Julie says there are more pairs playing the game, ok bye. And a minute later the doorbell rings and it’s Rachel and Brandon- Brenchel! And they’re engaged and still annoying. “The Laugh” is back.

And the doorbell rings and it’s Jeff and Jordan- the exact opposite of Brenchel- a couple everyone loves. The new houseguests all proceed to kiss their ass. Two sets of tough competitors are back. Everyone’s freaking out…aaaaaand doorbell rings.

This time it’s Dick and Danielle. Daniele’s gone brunette. Evil Dick is baaaaack! Cue up the E.D. music. Uh oh. Dominic doesn’t know who he is. Two former winners in the house- Dick and Jordan. Dick reveals that they haven’t talked in 3 years in an awkward double interview where Daniele attempts to sit as far as humanly possible away from him yet still remain within the camera frame. 3 big power couples in the house.

First Head of Household competition starts right up and there’s a jungle theme in the yard with monkeys and giant bananas. Each team gets their matching colored shirts and we begin. Each duo has to hold onto their giant banana as long as possible. Shouldn’t be a problem for Rachel, if you know what I mean. As they hang on to the giant swinging bananas, they get spritzed with slippery chocolate as Shelly slips off. Her partner stays on, apparently it’s a quasi-individual competition here. Jordan falls off next.

The chocolate is making the bananas slippery. Keith drops, then Cassi, Lawon, metal Adam, Jeff, and Dominic. Brendan drops next, then Kalia. It’s only Porsche, Dick and Danielle, and Rachel left. Then comes the whipped cream shot. Porsche is the only newbie left, and she drops. Dick and Daniele make a deal with the devil- Rachel agrees not to vote them if they drop. Rachel is HOH and we’re guaranteed at least one more week of “the laugh”.

Post-competition Julie pops up to reveal another twist. It’s the Big Brother Golden Key. Anyone who survives eviction in the first 4 weeks can’t be nominated again until there’s just 10 in the house. Rachel calls the Golden Key, “the ultimate floater”. She loves saying floater. We’ll find out next time who she nominates.

Season 13 looks great so far- a mix of all-stars and newbies. Since BB is a sort of social experiment, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and which teams match up and survive and which team fall apart and melt down. And will there be more twists? More dynamic duos in the house? I’m pretty sure we can at least expect cameo appearances from other duos like Boogie and Will to host competitions if not come in to play. We’ll see- expect the unexpected.

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