Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep04: Off the Hook

The ladies are slightly devastated after losing to Gary Busey last week (you would be too). No matter because the men are arguing anyway even though they won. The woman don’t know how they won last week and neither do the men, except for Busey who’s in his own world.

Crazy Gary compares last week’s win to winning an Oscar. The Donald presents the task which is to produce a 30 second commercial about a videophone. NeNe volunteers for ASAP and Lil’ Jon for the men.

ASAP is pretty agreeable and are making a commercial about Dionne Warwick in a recording studio talking on the videophone to her engineer in a different location. Jose Canseco asks something about talking to aliens to the executives who look at him like he’s from outer space- I think he’s off the steroids and on LSD. After meeting with the execs the women are looking for something that focuses more on “emotion”. Lil Jon wants to work in a surprise gay boyfriend aspect which is a bit risque and either going to be great or totally bomb- either way it’s a win-win (for us- the viewers).

NeNe is delegating everything well and the women work in the emotional aspect with Marlee acting as a Mom talking to her daughter. LaToya makes an excuse about having Lasik and not being able to see anything (probably the first procedure she’s ever had on her face, right? lolololololol). NeNe puts her in charge of watching the clock and saying the time when asked. That’s a job I’d like to have.

At the shoot Lil Jon and Meat Loaf are having trouble wrangling Gary and getting him to shut the hell up while they talk. Over at ASAP they are interviewing actors for the parts. NeNe, Star Jones, and Marlee Matlin are doing all the work there. The men have Jose dressing up at the surprise gay boyfriend.

The women’s filming is going smoothly with Dionne and Marlee in the commercial. The men, not so much with crazy Busey acting like a crazy man (surprise!), wearing nothing under his bathrobe (thank you NBC editors for blurring that!). Over at the editing bay, Dionne is cutting out early why the rest stay to “help” NeNe and by “help” they mean sit around while NeNe barks out orders.

NeNe and Star are introducing the video to the crowd, very serious but on point. Their presentation is well received by the ACN audience. Now Backbone is up and Lil Jon is working the stage like a preacher, going back and forth, getting everyone pumped up, joking, selling the video as a viral video- a Superbowl video. The crowd seems to love the Backbone commercial, but was it because of the video or Lil Jon’s urging? He could probably get them worked up and applauding about a pile of dog crap, so who knows? The audience has voting machines and they make the decision.

In the Boardroom, the men are confident in their commercial, especially Richard Hatch- no surprise. NeNe starts crying for no reason. NeNe throws half her team under the bus before the winning decision is even announced. The executives choose the men, again. The ladies are now saying Dionne isn’t carrying her weight. Dionne seems to agree and basically throws in the towel and says Trump should fire her. And he does.

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