Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep05: Art of the Deal

The men are fired up after winning their third in a row. NeNe comes back crying about Dionne and yelling at everyone. LaToya is trash talking the rest of ASAP to Backbone and they’re all called back into the boardroom- uh oh- what could Trump want with them now?

The Donald says their next task starts immediately and they have to create their own works of art and sell them for big cash. Sponsored by New Era, they will be making baseball hats too and George Ross is back to help Trump! Marlee is leading the ladies this week and John Rich for the men.

Gary Busey starts it off with typical insanity saying god knows what about something or other. John Rich claims he’s gonna fly in some cowboys and bring in half a million bucks. Marlee says they need to raise a shitload (NBC censors blur her hands for that word lol).

Marlee puts LaToya on the spot, says to use her family in some way. LaToya’s gonna play the Michael Jackson card. Jose Canseco says his father’s illness has gotten worse and he has to leave to be with him.

Richard Hatch is thinking out loud what everyone else is thinking inside- that Jose is duping everyone and leaving because he can’t raise any more. Hmm. The teams head to Michael’s to stock up on art supplies. Busey is getting on Meat Loaf’s nerves already.

ASAP is scared of John Rich’s reputation. LaToya says she has an MJ shirt signed by him that she will donate.

Meat Loaf is missing his supplies and he is going the hell off at Busey, dropping MotherF’er’s at him like a Bat out of Hell. He is absolutely going crazy off on him saying he stole his supplies. Meat’s about to rip his head off. Someone finds Meat’s bag and he still keeps going off on Gary. Finally the men get to work. They finish up and John Rich gets them packed and out of there early.

The women of ASAP are all putting their hands on a single piece but Star Jones doesn’t want to get dirty. Don Jr. comes in and says the ladies look depressed even though Marlee has a $133,000 donation come in on the phone..

A team of assistants come in to help Backbone hang their art, thank goodness because you don’t want Meat Loaf or Busey holding power tools or anything sharp at this point. Actually you probably don’t want Busey holding anything sharp like ever. John Rich’s cowboy posse has landed, including a little man. I’m not expert on little people but damn that guy is small.

Meanwhile ASAP is late leaving, at 5pm on a Friday in bumper to bumper Manhattan traffic. The men are all set up and cross over to see the women and they’re not even there yet with 2 hours before opening. Lil Jon does an MTV Cribs style video of the empty gallery. Meat Loaf does the right thing and apologizes to Gary Busey, very heartfelt. Busey says he “excelled to the level of dancing on a rainbow” with that apology. W…T…F…?

30 minutes before the show opens and ASAP arrives at the gallery but there’s no art yet. 5 minutes before the open and the art finally arrives.

The men’s gallery is packed and the big celebs are bringing in dough as soon as the do’ opens. Poor Richard Hatch doesn’t have the celebrity connections that the others do though. ASAP only has a very small group of people lined up, just a handful. Finally traffic begins to pick up a bit and Jill Zarin loudly shows up, Bobby Zarin in reluctant tow, and buys a hat. Jason Taylor shows up for Marlee. Star is working the phones and email, taking credit card orders and eating caviar. Three $99,000 sales come in for ASAP, daaaang.

2 Foot Fred?!?! and John Rich’s crew are selling multiple items for $50,000. Busey’s bison painting sells for 5g’s. Hatch is having trouble, plus his artwork kinda blows which isn’t helping his sales. It’s ok because John Rich sold his guitar for $470,000….holy hell.

Furio from the Sopranos comes down to judge the hat art to pick the winner. Dude is still intimidating for some reason. Seems like Trump actually knows him somehow.

Now back at the Boardroom, John Rich is confident that Backbone will win. Trump questions them extensively on the Meat Loaf/Busey fight earlier. Once again Hope doesn’t get a word in the whole episode. Great strategy, it’s working so far- look good and stay the heck out of the way. She better not win, I’ll be pissed. It’s the Sandra from Survivor strategy.

Furio chooses LaToya’s hat as the best, so she gets $25k for her charity. Trump said they raised more this task than any other whole season did. The teams agree that each team will keep their winnings for their individual charities. The men raised and impressive $626,00 and the women raised an astonishing $986,000. Double dang. That’s just redonkulous.

Trump offers to let the ladies decide if someone should be fired or if Jose’s leaving is enough. Marlee says hell to the no, this is business and someone’s gotta face the Trump cobra hand and be fired. Hatch raised the least but John Rich says Busey is the least focused, Loaf, Mark McGrath and Lil John all agree. Nobody on the men’s team really raised much except for John Rich (although not much in this task is $10-20,000). But Trump is going by the money raised only and Richard Hatch the tribe has spoken- you’re fired.

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