Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep06: Australian Gold

It’s down to five men and five women as the contestants toast to their million dollar fundraising in the last task. Marlee is just beaming as she presents the million dollar check to her charity.

Trump heads to a rooftop to present the challenge. Apparently “industry” is a hard word to read off cue cards. Teams have to create a marketing display in a ten by ten foot clear box for Australia Gold sunscreen and lotion products. LaToya and Mark McGrath are project managers this challenge.

Backbone want to go with a pirate theme to play off the gold in the name and also put a hot chick in the box. NeNe says LaToya has delegated something to everyone except herself. LaToya is waffling and can’t make any decisions. Are the women really not going to use their “assets” with Playmate of the Year Hope? Are they this stupid? Yes.

The executives emphasize that Sydney their surfing koala is key to the brand. Lil Jon is put in charge of costumes, props, and Gary; the third item is the toughest of course.

LaToya flat out tells Hope not to be one of the gold bikini girls- she should do accounting instead. Is she insane?! She’s not just a regular ol’ Playmate, she was the Playmate of the freakin’ year. Jeez. At the design/construction place LaToya has no idea what to tell them. The girls buy a koala costume for the box, while the men pass on it saying companies are sensitive to the specifics of their logo and you don’t want to get it wrong even just a little bit.

Poor Lil Jon is stuck outside with Gary Busey waiting an hour for the props to be brought down to the truck. Pure torture. The men are making a shelter salvaged from shipwrecked parts as their theme. The women are doing some palm trees and LaToya calls in for 6000 pounds of sand to the disbelief of her teammates.

Morning of the event, LaToya suddenly wants to switch from fun in the sun to a snow theme. NeNe and Hope are all like “when did you come up with this shit?”.

Two foot Fred shows up for the men! He needs to be on next year, dude is awesome. The men are really using their celebrity and selling that Australian Gold, chanting and building up the excitement. The women have no real theme, just beach basically with some snow. They are pushing the marketing points though, whereas the men are perhaps a bit off-message.

But Gary has the executives uncomfortably trapped in one spot and pushed Mark McGrath away when he tries to show them the exhibit. Crazy Busey says he will be their suntan lotion spokesman for a reasonable rate…uhmm ok. Finally Mark gets a moment to explain everything to them.

At the Boardroom, the execs say they loved the men’s jingle and buzz around the box but didn’t like the lack of “live the gold life” slogan and the lack of koala bear. They say the women hit the theme really well but they didn’t utilize their team as well and Hope shouldn’t have been playing volleyball in a jacket.

Trump rightly calls out LaToya for not using Hope in a bikini. And yes that was clearly part personal because you know The Donald loves his sexy contestants. Trump says the men’s out of the box idea might cost them. Don Jr. asks why they didn’t use the koala but the men defend it well. The executives were turned off by Gary’s pitching to them and overall did not like the pirate theme. Usually the executives are right but in this case they made a huge mistake.

Back in the room NeNe is going the hell off on LaToya despite their win and calling LaToya an old lady who only got by based on her last name (well that’s kinda true). In the Boardroom, Mark McGrath thinks he should be fired, the rest of the team thinks Gary needs to go. Meat Loaf tells it like it is, and says Gary is a big time liability. McGrath takes only Busey back. Unfortunately The Donald is judging this one only based on the theme and Mark is fired. But Trump has some VERY strong words for Busey too.

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