Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep07: Raising the Steaks

Both teams are scared that Gary Busey’s coming back and sure enough he does….drama! This calls for some tequila shots for Meat Loaf and Lil’ Jon. What, no Trump Tequila yet? John RIch is calling Gary either a saboteur or crazy, Gary says he ain’t no saboteur-ok that settles it, just like we’ve said all along- he’s craaaazy.

Donald Trump is dishing out this week’s challenge and it’s sponsored by Omaha Steaks. Teams have to write produce and star in a live cooking demonstration and they get to name and create a new variety steak pack.

Hope is going to be project manager and she doesn’t eat red meat or cook. This means Hope might be attempting to break her record of 10 lines said in a show. Let’s hope so. Crazy Busey is leading the men. Trump says he’s either genius or a moron- I believe the term you’re looking for Mr. Trump is “idiot savant”.

Gary assigns Meat Loaf as chef despite the fact that Loaf doesn’t cook, which Busey doesn’t know because he didn’t ask. Lil Jon is a frequent cook as is John Rich, yet neither is chosen as the chef. I’d be afraid of what Lil’ Jon has to cook anyway, just saying. Meeting with the executives Gary’s asking crazy irrelevant questions and interrupting aka usual Gary stuff. Gary being Gary.

Over at ASAP, Star Jones won’t let Hope get a word in, taking charge as usual- trying to be the….wait for it…Star of the show. The executives come in and the women have some quality questions for them. The women are doing a “Poker Night” variety pack.

John Rich puts Gary on the phone with customer service and Gary asks them insane questions as usual, totally not getting that’s it’s customer service and not the executives they spoke with earlier. To paraphrase The Donald earlier in a tabloid fashion, “He’s…..a moron”. Gary wants Lil Jon and Meat Loaf to head to the test kitchen leaving poor John Rich alone with the Busey.

LaToya is having trouble handling her part of the task, cooking a burger instead of a steak. She’s freaking out for no reason. NeNe is shocked that LaToya can’t cook a burger. She’s right, this shit ain’t rocket science- you put it on, flip it over, take it off when it looks cooked. I always thought Marlon was the dumb Jackson but now I’m not so sure (I kid, I have no idea which one Marlon is).

Meanwhile poor Meat Loaf is stuck doing all the cooking. Meat is pissed that Lil Jon doesn’t have anything to do.

Morning of the presentation and the teams are prepping their food. ASAP has decided to pre-cook their food so they have time to talk about all 3 dishes as LaToya nearly Michael Jackson’s NeNe’s hair Pepsi style.

Busey is changing the menu at the last minute and Meat can’t change up the food- too late. Gary tries to pin the change on John RIch who stands up to him and doesn’t accept his too late apology.

Teams are doing their presentations in front ot he Culinary Institute of America crowd. The women are going first. LaToya does pretty decent but doesn’t really project her voice too well. The women are showing off pre-cooked food which is a bit odd but the plates look nice. The executive say they’re not saying Omaha Steaks but just Omaha. NeNe is actually cooking a bit. The crowd looks more QVC than CIA if you asked me.

Backbone is doing their presentation and Meat Loaf is really selling it well. Busey is adding in some “stories” about the celebration the meat is for and it’s total insanity making no sense rambling on and on about the kite. The studio audience is totally lost. The Omaha Steak executives say that Meat Loaf really knows how to cook a steak. Busey may be insane but he’s getting the crowd into it.

Back at the Boardroom- Meat Loaf is having trouble pinpointing exactly what his frustration with Busey is. Busey is retelling the story and the women are rolling their eyes as they get a taste of Busey’s madness as he talks about the kite.

The women all think that Hope did a nice job. Unsurprisingly Hope and ASAP take the win. One of the men will be going home. John Rich is saying that Busey called him “boy” and he’s insulted. Busey says he called him “ka-boy”. Ok much better Busey- not. It’s an easy decision for The Donald and Busey and his insanity is fired.

While I found Gary entertaining, I think I (like Trump) had enough of his shit. It was getting annoying. Stick to acting Gary, reality is not your strong suit.

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