Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep09: Shear Madness

After the ousting of LaToya, there’s still major drama in the women’s camp with NeNe and Star Jones battling. Donald Trump comes in to announce the task this week which is all about hair. The Donald knows a little something about hair. Teams have to produce a hair show. Lil Jon is heading it up for the men and NeNe for the ladies.

NeNe just blows the hell up on Star Jones in front of the Trump clan, the midget executive giving the challenge and the men’s team. The claws are out! Star is saying “this is not the Real Housewives” and that NeNe is uneducated and can’t handle stress. Star is remaining calm and making NeNe look like an uneducated woman who can’t handle her stress except by yelling.

The men want to make a few calls to bring in some celebs. They’re thinking of calling ex-ASAP’er Niki Taylor which is a huuuuge move and a jab in the face to ASAP. She’s in!

NeNe, who practically abused the hell out of Star is playing for Women Against Domestic Abuse, ironically. The women are dancing like idiots around the room which is somehow involved with their theme.

LaToya comes in to see Mr. Trump in his office to talk about her firing. LaToya and her sparkly suit say Star is playing the game and she wants to come back. Trump says he’ll think about it as he checks out her ass on the way out.

The men meet with the executive and want to emphasize the made in America aspect. Meat Loaf has a shitload of weird ideas but they settle on Feeling Good in America. Meat is going to be using his experience to help the lighting director get it lit. Lil Jon is pimp strutting through Lord and Taylor as he takes the four models around the store to find outfits.

NeNe sends Hope and Marlee out to Lord and Taylors to find outfits for the models and the celebrities. They are both (rightfully) still scared of what NeNe can do. Hope is totally distracted by the clothes in the store.

Both teams are in the salon working out the hair styles for the show. Teams are separated into either side of the salon. Niki Taylor walks in to help the men and NeNe is shocked she’s there but somehow manages not to throw a hissy fit. Star is impressed with the men. Marlee thinks Niki has betrayed them.

Day of the show and Meat Loaf hits the bathroom for the second time on the show (an Apprentice record for those keeping track breaking Rod Blagojevich’s record). Niki has not only showed up, she’s brought 3 of the top NYC models to help out too. ASAP’s models are getting made up but the team themselves is running crazy late. Star has secured the Knicks City Dancers to help with their “Shake Your Beauty” theme.

The men’s rehearsal is too brief for Meat Loaf to get the lighting set, he blames Lil Jon. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the lights (in other words producer/editor created drama out of nothing).

The women’s show features NeNe as MC but she hands the ropes over to the stylist for a good part of the show. Marlee does well as a model, Hope looks like a ridiculous mannequin walking out there holding two bottles out in her hands.

The men come out high energy with Lil Jon bringing it. There’s a huge American flag in the background. The stylist come out to work on two models but Lil Jon doesn’t have a whole lot to say initially before they start bringing out Niki Taylor and a bevy of pre-done models in an across America theme. They are engaging the crowd, throwing out beads and sticking to the theme. Looks like an easy win.

In the Boardroom, Trump brings up the whole NeNe/Star disagreement again. NeNe says she’s mean, vicious and strategic and Hope’s her puppet. Marlee says she’s afraid of NeNe. Lil Jon won’t name a weakest player because he’s so confident that they won.

No surprise, the executives loved the men’s show and hated the women’s show. Backbone wins and ASAP is left to battle it out in the boardroom as Trump announces a surprise:= LaToya is back and she’s joining the men. Apparently those tight pants worked their magic on Trump. LaToya’s a smart woman.

The ladies start arguing and BAM! Obama is making a speech and NBC cuts off Trump mid-show. Damn! We got Bin Laden. That’s good but who got kicked off the Apprentice this week? That’s two points for Barack- one for Osama, one for knocking out Trump for the night. We’ll go to Hulu to catch the ending..…….

NeNe sends Marlee back to the suite, no surprise. Star says she’d pick NeNe to stay over Hope IF NeNe can stay in control. NeNe doesn’t seem to give a crap who goes as long as it’s not her. Hope brings up the irony of NeNe’s charity. We think alike Hope- give me a call sometime I’ll take you out. Trump basically calls Hope weak and sends Hope packing. Hope…you’re fired.

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