Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep10: Laugh On

LaToya is back and Marlee is amazed and pissed that she’s back. Star storms off down the elevator, not wanting to talk to NeNe after the tough Boardroom last week. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to talk to NeNe either, she’s scary.

All contestants head to the Gotham Comedy Club where Donald Trump addresses them. The Donald swaps Meat Loaf for NeNe to keep the peace. Teams have to produce a comedy show with 3 comedians and sell 50 tickets. Jim Cramer is up there to judge along with Ivanka and two of them flanking Trump make his hair look even pompadorier. LaToya Jackson and Meat Loaf are the project managers this week.

Backbone is at the war room and NeNe has disappeared. They get to work calling their people- LaToya is calling Larry King and Larry King’s wife (which one? doesn’t he have like 12?) John Rich is running out of donors but he’s leaving a message for Jimmy Fallon who apparently is his buddy-that’s an odd pairing- he’s gonna do a song.

ASAP is making their calls. Star Jones knows Tracy Morgan because he used to do her on SNL and gets him to volunteer to do a bit on video. Marlee volunteers to do a quick comedy bit she does, calling it “deaf comedy”. Nice pun Marlee- stick to acting. Meat Loaf can’t get any of his contacts on the phone. Jim Cramer thinks they are thinking small getting Tracy Morgan just on video- he thinks they need to get him in person, or at least ask. That’s smart money, JC.

NeNe taken off from ASAP has taken off AWOL but we see her taking off in a taxi. Trump gives her a personal phone call and NeNe calls him out for accommodating Star. That is a huge set of balls Ms. NeNe Leakes. Backbone can’t get in touch with her. She left LaToya a message saying she quit the show. That’s total weaksauce. What a crybaby.

Teams all go to check out the comedians and pick their three. No conflict there. Meat Loaf gets Billie Jean King to donate (how does he know her?) Star is busy on the computer as usual. LaToya gets Rick and Kathy Hilton on the horn and gets only $1000 from them. That’s like you and me donating a penny. Seriously that’s nothing.

Meat Loaf is a afraid that if he loses then LaToya’s charity will get all the money from his donors that they specifically wanted to go to his charity. He is in tears in the van. Star calls Mr. Trump to ask if the losers can keep their money and Trump says no. Cold as Trump Ice, Donald. Loaf doesn’t want to gamble the money he’s raised.

Jimmy Fallon shows up at the Backbone bus ready to perform and drops a $10,000 check on them as well. He wrote a ditty called “Yer Fired”- take that rolling suitcase out the door he sings. The mood is joyous compared to the crying Meat Loaf’s bus.

At the comedy show, Meat Loaf does a great show as the host. Tracey Morgan’s bit doesn’t really fit in with the flow since it’s on video. Marlee’s part goes over well. Backbone’s show is a hit as well with LaToya doing a decent job as host. Jimmy Fallon’s song is great, Omarosa reference in there lolz.

Now we’re back at the Boardroom. The Donald asks Meat Loaf about the phone call earlier and brings him back All Revved Up to a quivering lipped crying baby again. Trump throws a dig at NeNe and gives her a well deserved “you’re fired” for good measure and says that Star kicked her ass. John Rich unbelievably tells Meat Loaf that if he loses, John will personally match whatever they raised so that way no matter what Meat Loaf gets the money for his charity. Nice guy. For Crying Out Loud, Meat Loaf, you know he loves you.

The Donald, looking exceptionally orange tonight, gives the totals raised- and ASAP wins it $102,000- $82,000. Big sigh of relief for Loaf. For once Jim Cramer has almost nothing to say. Thank goodness for that, maybe it’s because he can’t roll up his sleeves in front of Sir Donald. Loaf calls it the third biggest moment of his life after the birth of his children- really? Well two out three ain’t bad, Loaf.

Trump has a tough choice with only John Rich, Lil’ Jon and LaToya left. Everyone did great but Trump has to fire someone and LaToya is the first person to ever be fired twice. O.M.G. unnecessary cheesy departure with a faux Billy Jean lighted sidewalk effect as she gets into the car. So bad. You know that was Michael, right LaToya. He’s famous for his moves, you’re famous for….uhm… well… being his sister I guess.

Trump has the remaining contestants show up at Cooper Classic Cars where he talks about the task with Onstar and mispronounces “connectivity”. Teams have to make a video showing how Onstar is now available at Best Buy for any car. John Rich and Marlee Matlin are project managers this week. It’s a rematch of the huge fundraising challenge. Star hasn’t been project manager in forever, btw.

Teams meet with the executives and Meat Loaf asks if it can be installed in a bicycle. Feeling ok today Meat? He seems back to himself at the shoot, planning out all the shots at the shoot. Marlee calls him a tornado on crack. The camera crew thinks he’s trying to do too much in too short a time. He’s playing off Star’s name with the OnStar name somehow.

Lil Jon is planning the photoshoot while John Rich is trying to write the copy despite a really bad headache. He’s not looking so hot. Lil Jon wants to just use the plain white background to make the product pop. He’s trying to do some special effects that might not come through without a green screen.

Over at ASAP Star and Meat are clashing over doing improv versus scripted. Meat says he would do anything for the team, but he won’t do that. Star is having a tough time memorizing her lines on screen. Meat thinks she’s trying to set him up to be blamed if they lose, which is what everyone else’s complaint with Star was up to this point too. They are shooting multiple scenes, one outside and one in a donut shop. They’ve got a random guy skateboarding by with the product inside the donut shop- that makes no sense.

Teams head to the editing facility and ASAP is stuck in traffic AGAIN. They get out and walk. Backbone’s edit is going pretty smooth until they try to do the special effect. ASAP shows up and gets their done. Time is ticking down on the Backbone as they can’t get the effect done.

Teams present their commercials to the executives. ASAP’s looks like a cheesy infomercial and a bit groanworthy with the cop donut cliche. Backbone’s commercial is lively and entertaining and uses the same slogan types OnStar has been using in their campaigns although it seems like Lil Jon is yelling at the screen. The execs don’t like how ASAP made the policeman as the butt of the joke. They think that Lil Jon might have come on a bit too strong and they didn’t like how they forget to put the seatbelt on the model in the car but they were on message overall.

At the Boardroom Trump makes sure to compliment Meat Loaf and reminds the viewers that just because he thinks Meat’s looking good tonight, The Donald is not a gay man. Thanks Donald, you’re sitting with your son who looks just like you but without the ridiculous hair- we know you’re not gay. Everyone views each other videos. The executives like Backbone’s video better, one of ASAP will be fired.

Trump is calling out Meat Loaf for putting humor into the video. George (!!!!) is calling them out for no closeup on the product. Don Jr. is calling them out for not saying it’s available in stores now. That’s a lot of calling out. Meat and Star are clashing over them not using the shot of the box in the video, placing blame on each other. They are going at it in the hallway now. Meat is praying for the end of time because if he has to spend another minute with Star I don’t think he can really survive. Star stirs it up and they walks away, just like she did with NeNe. Except this time she’s arguing with someone of some intelligence.

Back in the Boardroom, Trump is harping on the fact that Meat called Star “sweetie” which is totally irrelevant to the task. OnStar people thought the branding missed the mark and Star was in charge of branding and there’s nothing she can say to Trump to keep him from firing her. Star, you’re fired. It’s about time.

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