Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Ep12: Finale

Trump opens the show with two of his manservants rolling out an extremely long red carpet as it cuts to the live audience in the theater with the mock boardroom set up onstage.

When we left off last Jeffrey Holder, the 7up voice was still a maybe for Marlee and Meat Loaf was throwing a hissy fit. The lawyer is unsure if it’s happening but Meat sends for a car for him anyway. Jeffrey Holder shows up in his white suit and hat and brings his old magic back just like the 70s with that classic laugh- awesome. Team Marlee is setting up for their show and it’s total disorganization, no delegation.

John Rich is working on his photoshoot before heading over to the hotel to get set up for Def Leppard the next day. He had some issues with their tour manager “Malvin” earlier, can he work them out? What kind of name is Malvin? Def Leppard shows up and John butters them up. He settles his intro issue with them by totally caving in to what they want. No biggie.

Cut to The Donald bringing out all the fired contestants to question. David Cassidy is still a midget a-hole, mocking Richard Hatch for being in jail saying he deserves it. The Busey clips retrospect is awesome- dude is a total nutjob. Lil Jon says he loves Gary now that he has a break from the Buseyisms. Busey breaks out a kite and interrupts Trump going on about Omaha steaks as if he was still doing the task. Putting Busey on live television is a huge risk!

Back to the final task and John Rich is setting up the room with 7-up branding for the show. John Rich brings in a donation check for $25,000 even though it’s not a fundraising task. Dude’s a maniac.

Over at Marlee’s team, Marlee is finally starting to take charge a bit. The Globetrotters show up but I don’t see Flight Time of Big Easy (boo). Marlee’s 70’s event get started and guest arrive as Meat Loaf greets them all. Marlee introduces the commercial which is kinda homemade and amateur looking, except for Jeffrey Holder. The basketball game goes off smoothly with Trump watching with his grandson (cute kid!)

Now John Rich is still raising redonkulous money as he gets $250,000 from another donor putting him over a million. Wow. John Rich has handout towels for everyone as they enter. Except for Trump who doesn’t get greeted and slips right in. John pumps up the crowd and intros the commercial which is very well received by the crowd. Much better than Marlee’s commercial. John Rich intro’s Def Leppard 20 minutes before they’re scheduled to go on and just leaves the crowd hanging. Big mistake.

John Rich is in a pickle but he saves himself by plugging in his acoustic guitar and opening for them. Def Leppard finally comes on and it’s on baby! Pour some sugar on me!

The executives think both teams exceeded expectations. Both cans were good, both presentations were decent and both teams did ok. Could go either way as they show the NeNe clips package which involves a hell of a lot of yelling.

The celebrities head to the real Boardroom to get Trump’s analysis of the task. The Trumps like the flow and execution of Marlee’s event. John Rich reveals to Trump that he raised $275,000 more dollars as Marlee gives the “oh shit” look.

Back to the live finale and Trump introduces Marlee Matlin who looks great in a sequin dress, btw. John Rich comes out and presents a cowboy hat to the Donald who actually looks good in it. Covers up that awful hair (which doesn’t move even though he put a hat on it). Most of the celebrities seems to think John Rich should win, except David Cassidy but nobody cares what he has to say.

Marlee goes to Africa to give kids hearing aids and John goes to St. Jude to see what’s going on and perform for the kids. Very touching. Now they perform a song “For the Kids” with John singing and Marlee signing.

The final two present their case to Trump. Don Jr. thinks it should be John Rich based on the fact that he got Donald to wear a cowboy hat alone. There’s virtually no mention of how bad Marlee’s commercial sucked and how good John Rich’s was. Kinda glossed over that. Trump says this is the closest finale ever and proceeds to announce John Rich as the winner of the 2011 Celebrity Apprentice. Marlee isn’t fired. Congrats to John Rich, well deserved victory.

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