Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep03 How Much Is that Celebrity in the Window

Penn presents his check from last week’s victory to Opportunity Village and now the contestants are ready for their next task. They will be making a live display in a window of Lord and Taylor’s for the Ivanka Trump Collection 2012.

The women choose Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe, despite Teresa’s objections. The men choose George Takei for their project manager.

The women start discussing and Aubrey takes over the whole discussion. The men start talking about getting twin models for their display. They are having trouble getting George Takei to take charge. They are doing a day and night theme.

Dee Snider has to take off mid-task to get his finger checked out after breaking it last week.

The women are putting Aubrey and Dayana in the window.

Half the men and women each head over to Brooklyn to start building their sets. Adam Carolla used to be a carpenter?! He’s rocking it, cutting wood and shit like that. The women notice that their windows are much smaller than they thought it would be; they need to rethink their whole concept. Dayana is hesitant to scrap their idea to split the windows into halves.

Both teams pick out their clothing for the window. Debbie Gibson calls Ivanka Trump directly to ask for some of her jewelry for the display. Smart move. Clay Aiken sort of throws George Takei under the bus a bit. He might even deserve it after calling Adam Carolla and telling him that his group is heading back to the hotel for the night instead of coming over to see what Adam and his crew are doing with the set building.

Meanwhile Dee Snider is heading in for immediate surgery!

Next morning and both teams are setting up their window displays. The women’s sketches and photos are in transit, stuck in traffic. They arrive but they are missing half of their display due to a printing error. Meanwhile the men have to do some refabrication on the fly to make a sign fit. The women are in a panic. Aubrey has a plan b that she sets into motion. She’s an all-star.

The men’s twin models arrive in time for hair and makeup. The windows get set up and rise up via hydraulic lifts to street level (really cool stuff).

Outside they drop the curtains and unveil the windows. The men’s midnight blue background and Arsenio’s black outfit are a bit hard to see with the reflections in the window. George Takei’s presentation is a bit sloppy. The women have a 4 person presentation, pre-rehearsed and all.

Boardroom time and Dayana is choking on Trump’s question about what their theme was.

The women win the challenge. The men’s style was just off. Arsenio’s clothing choices were no good and the background was too dark. George takes Arsenio and do-nothing Lou Ferrigno back.

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