Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep04 Failure to Launch

Miss Universe presents her check to her charity, The Latino Commission for AIDS. And here the remaining contestants, lined up in Central Park by the carriages at Grand Army Plaza. Donald Trump introduces the task. It’s sponsored by Buick. Teams have to introduce a new Buick Verano car with a presentation both in person and online.

Men might have a bit of an advantage here with Michael Andretti. But they go with Adam Carolla as task manager. The women choose Debbie Gibson. Off they go.

Back to the suite, and they’ve got Buick swag to fawn over. Right away Aubrey starts with the flow of idea after idea. Debbie Gibson’s going to have to manage her a bit. When they meet with the executives Adam mentions the T-word.. Tiger Woods.. woops. No longer their spokesman, his name shalt not be spoken here.

Lou Ferrigno tries to work The Hulk into the presentation no matter what. Adam’s like uhhhm no.

Women are working well together, splitting up the highlights of the car into sections with different celebrities on each section. There’s some crazy ideas flowing out there.

Adam comes up with the idea that each person will play a heckler with a concern about the car, which he would address in the presentation. The executives warned about it coming off as too “beer commercial” or humorous. Everyone but Adam is concerned about that.

The men head out to their rehearsal. It’s all Adam, he’s doing almost everything.

The women’s is way more collaborative, everyone has a part. Debbie is leaving out half her team, not giving them anything to do. They haven’t even run throughout he whole presentation yet. It might be all over the place.

It’s showtime and Debbie’s worried because she’s not even ready with all the material. They start off with Tia introducing the car. Then Debbie Gibson comes up and sings briefly. Lisa Lampanelli does her schtick next. Aubrey gives a sad story about a car accident; not sure if it’s appropriate, especially since it’s all a lie. Ooops she calls the Verano, a Verona. Ouch. And here comes Teresa Giudice, she brings her husband and kids up to all load up into the car too (except hey don’t really). Now the Q&A part and they are stumped from the first question.

Time for the men’s performance now. Adam is flustered to start off but he gets it together, giving all the details about the car and introducing Michael Andretti to talk about the car’s performance. Arsenio does the first heckle and it works. Penn goes next, and stuffs himself into the trunk to show off the trunkspace, to applause. Paul Sr. doesn’t have a question but just says he sucks- awkward and not working. Time for the Q&A, Adam brings up Michael Andretti to help answer the questions- smartly.

Boardroom time and The Donald hears about the task from the teams. Trump jokingly says maybe he should shave his hair like Arsenio. Trump makes sure that Adam used Michael Andretti in the task. Lou Ferrigno again mentions that he feels like they’re not using him to his full potential. Adam says he won’t even take anyone back if they lose, he’s that confident that they won. Aubrey says that Debbie wasn’t decisive. Tia basically says she’s been playing it under the radar. Debbie Gibson says if they lose she’ll bring back Tia and Teresa.

Don Jr. calls Aubrey out for saying the name of the car wrong. He also says the executives didn’t understand the theme of “reflection”. Even Teresa doesn’t know that reflection was the concept. Ivanka says the executives like the men’s presentation, Adam had great command of the product knowledge but Michael Andretti was underused with a lack of presence, and lack of overall brand messaging. Overall they liked the women’s presentation better and Debbie Gibson gets money for her charity. Someone on Adam’s team will be fired.

Lou says the whole thing sucks and throws Adam under the bus. Adam again says he’s not going to bring anyone back even though Trump is pushing for Lou or Michael to come back. Trump says everyone go out and come back in, I’m firing two people!! Trump bring ’em back in and says Adam you did a great job but you were the project manager and you lost and you’re fired. Trump says why the hell didn’t you be project manager Michael, I picked you to be the PM and you had no presence in this task. Michael, you’re fired.

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