Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep05 I’m Going to Mop the Floor with You

After last week’s double firing, the remaining men return from the boardroom to the suite. Lou Ferrigno admits he should have been fired (to the camera) and that he needs to do more. Debbie Gibson gets to present her winning check to Children International.

The Donald gathers the “celebrities” in the New York Public Library. He has executive from a floor cleaning company- O Cedar?. Teams have to create a theme and a viral video. Lou volunteers to be the project manager. Tia Carrere steps up for the women.

Lou doesn’t even know what viral videos are. Lou wants to star in the video and flex his muscles… just like every other task. The men have no idea but to go along with it.

In the women’s van, Dayana is a stream of horrible ideas. Aubrey can’t take it, she’s got it out for Dayana anyway. They meet with the executive who tells them to make it fun. Lisa Lampanelli’s got a zinger idea “what is your number”; not sure if that’s any better than Dayana’s ideas but Tia likes that, so there they go. Dayana’s got some racy lines… if dirty comedian Lisa Lampanelli thinks it’s dirty, you might have a problem.

Lou wants to do some play off a super hero. Penn is rejecting Lou’s ideas, shooting down everything he’s saying. Clay Aiken speaks! He’s getting pissed off that Penn is trying to set Lou up to fail. Clay confronts Penn and shuts him up a bit. Paul Teutul Sr. suggests the “I’ll mop the floor with you” theme.

Patricia is stuck on graphic design, Debbie Gibson is getting frustrated she can’t do that. Tia is noticing that Lisa and Aubrey are tight and need to be in charge of every task… but not this one. Tia won’t listen to Aubrey’s ideas. Aubrey thinks she’s jealous.

Penn’s been thrown for a loop now that someone has finally done something other than praised him. The men are ready to shoot their viral video; they’ve got Lou Ferrigno in an apron yelling at the camera. He’s horrible- he can’t do the lines. Clay, who has a background in speech help?, helps Lou to pronounce the lines. Arsenio encourages him too. Now Lou is dancing with the mop.

The women are shooting and they’re all in it, saying their lines against a white background. Debbie Gibson notices there’s no mop in the script at all. She tells Dayana but it’s too late to change the script now. Debbie and Aubrey are agreeing on something finally- Tia sucks and the concept sucks. Back at the suite, Lisa sets the group straight and tells them to check your egos because you can’t always all be stars and be out front. Talking to you Dayana.

Clay and Penn try to talk it out but they can’t really resolve their differences on how Penn’s acting.

Time for the presentations in front of the executives. The men go first. They seems to like Lou’s acting and dancing in the background. Now Forte, the women’s team come in. They do a whole presentation before showing their video, whereas the men just said hi and played the video. The women’s video is weird, it seems sort of disjointed and not that good. The executives liked how the women used all their star power but the men just used Lou and it wasn’t as viral as the women’s.

Time for the boardroom. Trump says he doesn’t work out but “Trump keeps chugging along”. He’s impressed that Lou stepped up this task. The men’s presentation is so clearly better and they win. Lisa tells the Trumps how dirty Dayana’s ideas were. Tia doesn’t even fight for herself, she doesn’t take anyone back to the boardroom and basically takes all the responsibility for the loss. Trump says Tia, you’re fired. Easy as that.

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