Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep06 Party Like a Mock-Star

Back from the boardroom, Teresa is trying to claim she’s not slow, mentally. Yeah, ok, nice try hon but nobody’s buying that. Lou Ferrigno, winner of last week’s challenge gets to give his check to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Back to the task and Donald Trump’s got the celebrities and “celebrities” atop a tall building with a spectacular view. Crystal Light is this week’s sponsor, the task is to help them launch their newest “mock-tails” by throwing a party. The women choose Aubrey while the men choose Clay Aiken.

The men struggle with finding a theme for the party since none of them are real partiers. The women have a pomegranate drink, they like the “unforbidden fruit” theme initially. The executives tell the women to make it “sassy”. They want to do a garden of eden style thing somehow. Aubrey asks Debbie Gibson to write an original Crystal Light song. Patricia is doing graphics and won’t let Lisa proofread it, and she’s spelled the drink flavor wrong I think. Pomtini. Or not.

They tell the men it’s a party in a pack. The men start with a “life’s a peach” theme to go with their peach flavor. Not bad. Penn is trying to work with Clay instead of fighting like last task. Clay sends him and Arsenio off to buy some props. Clay is taking charge, giving everyone something to do- very organized. Dee Snider is doing the graphics and ordering up some bikini chicks for the party.

The women are doing a “stir your inner desire” tagline. Don Jr. thinks they’re missing the whole fun component. The women go out to take some nature photos in the park. Debbie Gibson goes to the studio to record her song- oh hey Dayana makes an appearance. Weird song.

Clay’s got his musical guy and he’s going to be singing some songs for the party (with Dee and Arsenio backing him up!) The men are setting up their bar, the surfboards and signage. Lol Paul Sr. is opening up tiny cocktail umbrellas. The men all get their Hawaiian shirts on and get the party started; they’ve got sand by the entrance but no guests! Uh oh. Arsenio and Penn hit the sidewalk to bring some people in to the party. There’s the people, and they’re all dressed for the beach. Here come the Claymates lol. Arsenio starts a Soul Train dance line, limbo is started, fun is had by all. Real party atmosphere. Kathy Lee and Hoda show up?!

The women are setting up and Aubrey notices there’s no Crystal Light logo photos for the walls. She blames Patricia for not checking in. Teresa is yelling at the flooring guy on the phone. The red carpet guy shows up, the women are using a lot of red. Teresa has some messy ass popsicles that she made. The room does look pretty nice, lots of white with pops of red, pretty classy. The party is more subdued than the men’s party. Dayana brings some Miss USA contestants with their sashes and all. Debbie does her song for the executives.

Both teams did a pretty good job this task. Clay says he would take Dee and either Lou or Paul should they lose. Aubrey says she would take Dayana and Patricia back if they lose. No surprise here, the women lose the task. Aubrey starts crying and Trump promises $10,000 to her charity. Trump agrees with Aubrey that the details on the project were all screwed up and Patricia was in charge of that so Patricia, you’re fired.

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