Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep07 Walking Papers

The remaining celebrities and “celebrities” are a bit dismayed after Patricia was ousted, especially Dayana. Clay gets to play with a giant parachute and give his check to the National Inclusion Project. Very touching.

Back at Trump Tower the contestants line up to be addressed by The Donald himself. He says they are going to create a New York celebrity guidebook using a Toshiba tablet and then they have to sell it. Teresa volunteers to be project manager for the women and the men choose Dee Snider. Trump says a mystery celebrity judges as well to give them a bonus from Toshiba.

Right off Teresa says they need to raise a lot of money. Debbie Gibson says it’s the project manager’s responsibility to raise the most- in other words I ain’t helping much honey. But in the car she raises $17,500 straight away. OMG they are taking photos with the big-ass tablet- that just looks so awkward. They go around town to the different locations and have the women pose. Dayana is driving Aubrey crazy, making her take photo after photo of her in the same location. Teresa and Dayana might not even make it back in time anyway which would give them nothing to sell.

Dee says I don’t care about winning the best guidebook, I want to raise the most money. Penn has an idea and Dee goes along with it. They go to the top of the Trump Tower and take some photos of each celebrity in front of the neighborhoods they choose. The men are all getting along, joking and writing up their descriptions. Penn says he can get the Blue Man Group to help. Arsenio gets Jay Leno to send a blank freaking’ check. OMG, a blank check?

Aubrey and Debbie Gibson take off to shop for the kiosk. Lisa and Dayana clash because Dayana is trying to add in shit when it’s too late. Lisa tells her to shut the hell up and have Teresa get her away. She’s having a near breakdown in her interview, crying and all.

Day of the sales and the men have their little tent set up. They’re selling them for just $5, counting on the big donations to win. But they’re selling. Michael Andretti comes back after being fired and brings $20,000. The big sales are coming in, Ferrigno, Clay, $15,000, $10,000. Uh oh, Arsenio’s big check from Jay Leno is lost in transit. Oh shit, here comes the Blue Mean Group with a giant blue man, like 25 feet tall. Teller comes in and drops $20,000. IT’s now a huge event, big crowd. The Blue Men pop a giant balloon filled with cash which leads to a giant cash grab by the crowd lol. Clay is pissed. Where’s Arsenio’s check? The task ends and his check arrives a minute too late and doesn’t count.

The women have balloons and yellow and black signage. Dayana is having no luck selling. Lisa brings in $10,000, other big checks are coming in too. Lisa gets Jeff Foxworthy to drop $5000. Teresa’s on the phone, her big money people aren’t in yet. There’s juicy Joe Giudice, with $20,000 from her friends.

Trump’s in his office and there’ Regis Philbin to judge the two books. Regis likes how the women’s is more personal and their cover but the men’s was more general with big neighborhoods.

Bring ’em in to the boardroom. Debbie starts in about the printing and Teresa is pissed as hell, slamming the table “are you kidding me?”. She looks like she’s about to flip the table; they’re going off on who looks more professional. Donald Trump says Regis looked at both books but he liked the women’s book better. $35,000 extra to them, if they win. Clay calls out Penn on the Blue Man Group money blowing away fiasco. Trump says the difference between the two teams is only $14. Wow, the Blue Man cash could have factored in but the men won anyway. $326,000 to the March of Dimes. Very impressive.

The men go back to the suite, while one of the women heads down to the street. Aubrey raised the least but everyone seems to be gunning for Lisa or Teresa. Teresa brings back Dayana and Debbie. Trump is all about who raised how much money and Debbie Gibson raised the least (of the three left at at the boardroom table) and Debbie, you’re fired.

On to part two of this grueling 3 hour episode and Dee gets to meet a tiny baby and present his check to the March of Dimes.

Now everyone’s in a gym and Trump splits up the teams to mix things up since the ladies have lost almost all the tasks. Walgreens is sponsoring this task in which they have to encourage people to walk 30 minutes a day by creating a live interactive segment for “Walk with Walgreens”. Allison Sweeney will help to judge. Lou Ferrigno is project manager for one team and out-pushups Aubrey to show off. Arsenio is the other project manager. Winning team gets $50,000 for their charity.

Penn has to leave for a show. It’s Lou, Dayana, Lisa Lampanelli, Dee Snider and Penn on team Forte. Lou mentions that he had both knees replaced and believes in the power of walking. Penn suggests the “what can you do while walking?” theme. Lisa is concerned that Lou is taking a backseat to her and Penn. Lou says he’s going to be the host, despite Penn’s objections since he, Dee and Lisa are all natural stage hosts. Penn has to leave, but not before tossing out some good ideas (Dayana in a bathing suit?! yep). Dee makes sure that Walgreens logo is all over the cube kit.

For the new Unanimous, it’s Teresa, Arsenio, Clay Aiken, Paul Sr. and Aubrey. Aubrey has lots of idea about how to do this task, of course. Arsenio says let’s hear what the executives have to say first. Aubrey takes over the whole conversation with the executives. Clay suggests making a game show to make it interactive with the crowd and have a wheel to spin. Aubrey is pissing off Arsenio by dissing him. They all head down to Walgreens to take pictures so their faces will be on the walking kit. The photos are all against a white background, why did they have to go the store to find a white background? Aubrey and Arsenio start arguing because she’s taking over the task and he’s the project manager.

Teams are running through and are setting up for their presentation. Lisa is concerned that Lou might go off track during the presentation. Lisa is wrangling them in. Dayana says all she has is thong bathing suits, so off to the store they go with Lou. When they leave, Lisa starts going off on Dayana to Dee.

The presentations begin, Penn is back. Lou is introduced and starts to talk about his personal experiences with double hip and double knee replacements and how he believes in walking. He sticks to the script and does pretty decent. Then Penn comes up and says he likes to juggle while walking, so off he does. Dayana comes out with her sash and then Penn accidentally calls it Walmart instead of Walgreens. Dayana saves him. Lisa finishes up with some humor. Allison Sweeney and the executives notice the odd background “ing” words that Dee had chosen for the graphics.

Now team Unanimous is out in the same space doing their presentation. They hand out 4 colors of shirts to everyone in the crowd. Aubrey, unlike the other team, gives the executives the box to show them the graphics up close. Arsenio is the host, Clay the announcer. Paul Sr. gives his testimony about how he’s lost 100 pounds from walking. Aubrey gives a humorous bit. Teresa says how she walks her kids to school and her 3 dogs; not really the best there, Arsenio sort of fed her lines. Arsenio gets the crowd going saying “walk with Walgreens” numerous times. The executives and Allison Sweeney seem to like it but it was a little too much informational without telling the crowd about the program itself.

Time for the boardroom. This could go either way. Arsenio’s team throws Aubrey under the bus a bit for being overbearing and not a team player really. Clay says she forged ahead with ideas that she was told not to. Clay calls the other teams’ box boring, while Lisa thinks the other team’s box is cool. Arsenio is going off on Aubrey, calls her selfish. Oh no, Aubrey starts to cry. Lucky for Aubrey, Arsenio’s team wins it. Now Arsenio’s crying, oh geez. Aubrey goes right into the elevator without the team- is she off the show?

Someone from Lou’s team will be fired. Lou keeps saying he gave 110% percent before saying Dee sucked this task. They all blame Lou a bit except for Lisa who also says Dayana blows. Lisa says Dayana and Lou’s 110% percent is her 50%. Lou brings back Dayana and Dee back. Back in the suite, Arsenio is still going off on Aubrey like crazy. Trump’s all like why do they keep bringing you back Dayana? They’re arguing about who worked the hardest. Trump says it’s about the presentation and box design but since the box sucked Dee, you’re fired.

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