Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep08 Ad Hawk

Back from the boardroom, Lisa and Penn find out that Aubrey has not come back. Lisa says she can’t blame Aubrey after those guys ganged up on her. Arsenio is still going off on her, saying he was disrespected; Lisa starts going off on him for calling Aubrey a bitch and a whore. Now Lisa is going the hell off on Lou Ferrigno after he and Dayana return from the boardroom with Dee Snider sent home. Lisa is pissed. Pop the popcorn cause we got a show people.

In happier news, Arsenio gets to Skype Magic Johnson and present him with the winning checks for his charity.

Next day, next task and Aubrey’s back. They are in the R lounge in the Renaissance Hotel overlooking Times Square as Trump gives a fake testimonial about Entertainment.com who is sponsoring this task in which they have to create a 60 second commercial. Dayana instantly volunteers to be project manager without discussion. While the other team talks it out and Teresa Giudice will be the other project manager. Winning team gets $60,000 for the PM’s charity.

Aubrey talks it out with Arsenio about their disagreement. Arsenio apologizes.

Penn’s got another show and he has to leave early again, leaving Lisa Lampanelli with Lou Ferrigno and Dayana who she says have about two brain cells between them. Dayana has some weird idea about an engagement that everyone goes along with. Penn sort of fleshes it out a bit in the car to make more sense. They are using actors for this task, Lou thinks he can act and play whatever they need for it. Ok Lou, ok.

The other team has Arsenio with a good idea to compare the Entertainment Book to cutting coupons from the newspaper. Paul will play the old man stuck in the old ways. They are using their celebrities and not actors. They might be getting a little too dirty. They’ve got Paul at the shoot with his hair parted and mustache colored, he looks totally different. Shooting begins with Teresa directing. Aubrey is critical of Teresa’s directing (in the interview, not the task, of course).

Dayana’s team starts to film their commercial with Dayana directing. Lou suggests a different camera angle so they can see the branding. Their shots are coming along. Penn has to leave. Lou is pissed Penn has to leave. Dayana assigns Lou to create a banner for the presentation, Lou is not grasping this part at all since he has no idea how to use a computer.

Teresa has delegated Clay Aiken and Arsenio to do the editing, which will be key since it’s a risque commercial.

Morning of the presentation and Teresa’s nervous. Their commercial is pretty funny, Paul’s a hit. Dayana’s team’s turn now. Their commercial is really cute, well branded despite what Lou says, and worked nicely.

Boardroom time and surprisingly Lisa has some nice things to say about Dayana. Lou doesn’t have nice say things to Lisa or anyone else on his team. Lisa says she didn’t call him a loser and don’t threaten me. They play the commercials, Trump says why did you use actors Dayana instead of your celebrities? Lou criticizes Lisa for not including him. Of course Lou like’s the other team’s commercial. Lisa says whey the hell didn’t you say anything during the task instead of now? Surprisingly the executives liked Teresa’s commercial more.

Dayana brings back Lou and Lisa, leaving Penn the only safe one. Trump doesn’t like the disloyal Lou and Lou, you’re fired.

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