Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep09 Puppet Up!

Coming back from getting rid of Lou Ferrigno, Lisa Lampanelli starts in with Clay Aiken. Ready for the next task the contestants are inside of FAO Schwartz. Trump says they are going to be thinking about puppets for adults. There’s Jim Henson’s son. Trump switches up the teams and puts Clay with Dayana, Lisa and Penn. How is Dayana still in this thing by the way? Lisa is the project manager for her team and Paul Sr. is for the other side.

Aubrey is worried about stepping up this task after being called out for taking over the other tasks, so she’s concentrating on being a team player. Teams have to create two original puppets and perform with the improv group. Paul Sr.’s back went out this morning, this could be problem. Arsenio is impressed with Aubrey’s holding back and contributions this week.

On the other side, Penn can’t be a puppeteer because he’s too tall. Dayana thinks she can be a puppeteer, Lisa’s like hell no. Lisa’s not even giving her anything to do.

Teams egad down to the workshop and start actually making the puppets. Dayana’s actually doing some work here. Meanwhile, Paul’s not doing much at all, as they’re taking a long time making the puppets instead of heading down to the improv and puppeteering class that the performers need to take.

The teams start rehearsals and Clay Aiken does surprisingly well as a improv puppet. He does a lot of good voices. Lisa is doing the other puppet on that team. Arsenio and Teresa are practicing for their team while Paul sits around looking bored. Teresa’s a mess with this improv thing.

Backstage before the performance Lisa and Dayana start going at it. Lisa says Dayana can’t stand being behind the camera, Dayana walks off crying.

Time for the performance and Penn gets the ball rolling as host for his team, getting ideas from the crowd. Clay is pretty funny actually. Overall pretty good stuff.

The other team goes and AUbrey is hosting and getting the crowd pumped. Arsenio kills it with a Norwegian dentist improv puppet bit. Teresa starts off a bit slow by breaking the cardinal rule of improv- always agree. She wins over the crowd a bit by the end, with her voice alone.

Time for the boardroom and again Lisa and Dayana are going at it again. But in the end it doesn’t matter because her team’s performance was better and she wins. Paul Sr. sends Arsenio back to the suite and brings in Teresa and Aubrey. That might not have been the best idea since the girls are going to now gang up on him whilst Arsenio had his back. Unfortunately Trump puts the blame on Paul Sr. and says he should have brought Arsenio and Paul Sr., you’re fired.

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