Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep10 Winning by a Nose

Coming back from the Boardroom, Arsenio is worried that losing Paul Sr. leaves him with one smart and one dumb woman on his team. Now we’re in Trump’s own apartment in Trump Tower where Donald Trump gives them the next task. Macy’s is this week’s sponsor, Trump’s tie is the number one selling tie in the world, or so he claims. He’s selling a new fragrance “Success by Trump”. Teams have to create an in-store display. George Ross is back baby! And he looks slim.

Clay Aiken is the project manager for one team and Aubrey is for the other team. Wow Trump says if he really likes the work they do he will increase the prize to $100,000.

Penn has some sort of idea with a woman (Dayana) in front of a tie wearing man. She suggests wearing less clothes, which I agree with but Clay Aiken and Penn aren’t really all for (what’s wrong with you guys). Penn comes up with the “you earned it” catchphrase. Then Penn comes up with the idea to make a skyline with the cologne bottles as windows.

On the other side, Aubrey and Arsenio are arguing about what “success” means. Arsenio says it’s all about the money. They find a Trump quote on the Internet “trust your instincts”. Aubrey comes up with the idea to use Eric Trump as a young Trump looking for success. Teresa doesn’t seem to be doing too much on this task, it’s all Aubrey and Arsenio. They’re doing a skyline theme too, as Aubrey kinda bosses Teresa around.

At the set builder, Clay is having trouble visualizing the final product. Their male model shows up and they get a solid photo with Dayana and the product.

On the other side, Aubrey is sending Arsenio and Teresa off to get materials while she does all the work with the designers. Eric Trump shows up to check up on them, Aubrey takes the photos of him and tells him how little Arsenio and Teresa are doing on this task and how she’s the only creative person on her team and she’s a one man team. The graphic designer comes in and Aubrey won’t take any of Arsenio or Teresa’s ideas for the pamphlet.

Lisa sneaks over to Aubrey’s side to see what they are doing. The ideas are both pretty similar with buildings. Clay is worried.

Day of the presentation and Aubrey is happy with their display and her own work, calling herself a “mini-Trump” on this task. George Ross checks it out and he doesn’t like it at all. Their presentation is a bit loose and joking slightly, and their display looks high school projecty to me with the Eric Trump silhouette.

Clay’s team is presenting now with a much classier and professional display. Their presentation is too brief, the executives tell Clay to “keep going” even though he’s actually done with his part. He ad-libs it a bit and shows off the display.

The executives like Aubrey’s “always trust your instincts” slogan but Clay’s display.

Boardroom time! Trump passes around shots of each team’s work, and for once both teams are complimentary towards the other. Aubrey claims she came up with the “trust your instincts” quote before finding out that Trump had said it while kissing Trump’s ass at the boardroom. Neither team is a real winner, Trump says. Both sides had aspects that he loved and hated. Trump is going to dole out $10,000 to everyone on the table’s charity. Aubrey is given the win. Nobody on Clay’s team wants to take responsibility, they keep saying all the decisions were consensus. Clay gives Lisa a pass out and brings Penn and Dayana back to the boardroom, not surprising since Lisa was barely featured on this episode. Trump is torn, he wants to fire Dayana but he can’t, he wants to fire Clay but he won’t, in the end he fires Penn because he came up with the slogan that they hated. Penn, you’re fired.

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