Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep11 Jingle All the Way Home

Aubrey is gloating over her win as Project Manager last week and taking credit for everyone else’s victories every other week. In comes Clay and Dayana, nobody is happy that Penn was sent home. Trump’s presenting the next task and it’s sponsored by Good Sam, an RV owners company. Teams have to write and produce and perform a 90 second jingle for their roadside assistance package.

Arsenio and Dayana are this week’s Project Managers. Winners get $45,000 plus a bonus from the proceeds for their charity.

On Dayana’s team, Clay and Lisa get right to work, while Dayana has no idea what a jingle even is. She thinks it’s a Christmas thing.

On Arsenio’s team, Aubrey’s got a bizarre idea to use cheerleaders, then something about tap dancing? Arsenio and Aubrey are clashing; Teresa isn’t saying anything. The executive says their mascot is their biggest cheerleader and bam, Arsenio is on board with the cheerleading idea. They’re going with a newer type vibe, more contemporary musically.

Dayana is being cut out of her team’s decision making, rightfully so because her ideas blow. Clay says they’re going with a 60’s vibe for this. Dayana is pretending to know crap about music and taking charge, Clay’s like whatever, you don’t know shit girlfriend. Dayana can’t write a rhyme for shit. She’s trying to tell Clay how to sing now. Uhmm no, girl. Clay says it’s easier to work with mentally disabled kids than Dayana.

Arsenio gets Teresa working on the graphic design for the signage and such. Arsenio is working on drumming. Aubrey’s doing whatever the hell she wants to do, not what Arsenio asks her to do. Aubrey goes ahead and badmouths Arsenio when Don Jr. comes in to visit.

Lisa starts going the hell off on Dayana with Don Jr. visiting and she walks off.

Teresa and Aubrey go to rehearse the live show, Aubrey’s rearranging the whole thing, moving Arsenio’s part around while he’s not there. He gets there and throws a mini-hissy fit about his drum part being changed.

Dayana’s team works on their presentation. Dayana is trying to direct and pissing the hell off Clay since she’s waffling around telling him what to do. Clay goes off on her.

Performance day! Clay’s team is all dressed up in 60’s gear, Aubrey in cheerleading gear. Dayana’s team’s presentation is pretty cute, Clay is taking charge on stage while Lisa is doing a 60’s radio style intro . Dayana thanks everyone at the end (un-mic’ed so nobody can hear her). The Good Sam executives liked it.

Arsenio’s team now; Arsenio and Teresa do a little skit at the beginning, Teresa does a great job (Aubrey says it sucks, notch). Then Aubrey and the dancers come out to do the cheerleader jingle bit. The song actually has a lot of information in it. Arsenio’s got a little rap in the middle and at the end.

In the Boardroom, Lisa brings up the fact that Dayana critiqued Clay’s singing. Dayana tries to pin blame on Lisa, saying she works when she wants to. Aubrey badmouths Arsenio. The executives like Arsenio’s performance and jingle better and give him the victory. No surprise as Trump fires Dayana. The only surprise is how she somehow managed to last this long to begin with. She was a lame duck, full of excuses every week. Dayana you’re fired.

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