Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep12 Blown Away

Back from the Boardroom, Lisa plays a little joke on everyone saying Trump fired both. But in walks Clay, to everyone’s delight. Lisa brings up the fact that Teresa doesn’t say anything in the boardroom- that’s just smart, T.

At the Hearst Tower, Donald Trump presents this week’s task, sponsored by Elle Magazine. They have to create a four page print campaign to promote a Chi touchscreen hair dryer. It’s Lisa and Clay vs. Teresa, Arsenio, and Aubrey. Lisa and Teresa are project managers this week with a $100,000 prize.

The executives come in and Faruqe promptly flirts with Aubrey. If they use her in the copy, they win. Aubrey of course has a million ideas, something about the future and yoga.

The two teams have to negotiate for models for the ad. So they can’t use Aubrey- they do however want to use the model with the red hair. Clay and Lisa don’t really care who they get in the negotiation. Lisa plays hardball and says she wants the redhead, only because Teresa says she wants her. Lisa is totally playing her. Lisa manhandles her into taking 2 dude models out of four.

The models come in and Clay and Lisa have specific personality picked out for each model to represent. Clay sends Lisa and a model out to pick out outfits.

Teresas is obsessed with how duped she got by Lisa.

Clay is with the makeup and stylists and he can’t make any decisions without Lisa. Lisa shows up with the models and Clay starts the photo shoot while Lisa eats a sandwich.

Aubrey decides that she will be the redhead model. Smart decision, the executive loved you. The “redhead” model shows up, blonde, and Teresa sends her home. You should have kept her to avoid using the 2 dudes Teresa.

Teresa’s team does her photo shoot and interestingly her shots all have the product in them, whereas Clay’s didn’t.

Presentation day and Teresa’s team is decked out all in red. Teresa is a terrible reader- she reads like a 5th grader. Ugh. The other two help out with their parts though.

Lisa and Clay do their presentation next and it’s way more polished than Teresa’s part. Their presentation and pamphlet are both much wordier.

Bring on in to the boardroom. Lisa rubs it in how she duped Teresa. Everyone’s slamming Teresa. Trump checks out the ads. The executives like Lisa and Clay’s team better, so they’re safe. Arsenio and Teresa start going at it, Teresa says Arsenio didn’t do anything. It doesn’t matter because it’s pretty obvious that Teresa is the weak link and Trump recognizes that and Teresa, you’re fired.

Trump brings the final four back in to tell them about the interview they have to do- interview with last year’s winner John Rich and runner-up Marlee Matlin. After that, two people will be fired.

Trump discusses them with Rich and Matlin and then they flashback to the interviews. Marlee kinda grills Aubrey about her sincerity. John Rich grills her on the amount of money raised. Marlee wonders if Clay if playing it safe the whole game. John wonders if he’s tough enough to win and questions why he wasn’t project manager more often. Marlee questions if Arsenio got along with everyone. John and Marlee like Lisa’s toughness and passion.

Trump has to decide between the four and says Lisa can’t keep her emotions in check and Lisa, you’re fired. Wrong decision Trump, she was great. And for the next person fired it’s….. to be continued. Argh. See you next week.

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