Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep13 And Then There Were Two

Part two of the pre-finale cliffhanger from last week. WIll it be Clay, Arsenio, or Aubrey going next? Clay says he stood up for what he believes in. Arsenio says he’s a tireless worker and then kisses Donald Trump’s ass a bit. That works for both of them since Trump fires Aubrey for being “transparent” and undeveloped. Aubrey, you’re fired.

So with Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken as the final two, it’s game on. Clay seems to think that if he wins he will no longer be referred to as the American Idol runner-up but as the Apprentice winner. Uhmm no Clay.

The Donald brings the two back to Lincoln Center to present them with their final task. They have to produce, host, and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event with a commercial and a variety show. Trump brings back in the ousted celebrities to help out.

Arsenio chooses Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Sr., and Teresa Guidice. Clay takes Penn, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider, and the last person standing- Aubrey. Arsenio’s got the comedy and Clay’s got the music.

Clay briefs his team about his charity which helps kids with disabilities go to camp. Aubrey comes up with a carnival type theme. Clay has an idea to film a disabled kid for the project but Penn is shooting it down for some reason, not being a team player. He comes up with a better way to shoot it to show compassion without pity.

On Arsenio’s team, Adam suggests doing a kids theme at first- Arsenio says no to that but his second idea is to have everyone dress up like 80’s. Arsenio calls up to try to get Magic Johnson to talk on camera about his charity- Adam says he will use his camera crew to film it, if Magic can do it. Teresa and Adam take a hysterical trip to the costume store to pick up some 80’s gear.

Arsenio’s team is raising some big money early- Lisa had $50k already lined up before the challenge and Teresa pulls in $5000 too. They start calling some big names- Eddie Murphy, Seinfeld, Whoopie, and more.

Clay’s team is hard at work on the charity event but haven’t started anything with the raising money part but they get started on it.

Arsenio’s team arrives at the event space and it’s a huge long room, totally empty. Lisa works with the decorator, Teresa with the caterer. Arsenio is pretty hands-off on this part.

Aubrey is all over Clay’s team’s space setup. Aubrey says they should each call in 5 people and paint the whole room. Clay’s like no. But Debbie Gibson has a cousin who is a muralist, she gives her a call.

Arsenio’s team heads to a studio to do the commercial shoot. They all get dressed up in the 80’s clothes. Arsenio is pretty hands-off, letting everyone do their thing without micro-managing.

Clay is trying to find a spot to shoot his outdoor scene but they can’t seem to find any parks with grass. They are wandering around the city looking for a spot to shoot. Finally they find a patch of grass in front of some housing projects.

Everyone’s editing their commercials now and Magic’s part isn’t there yet, it’s uploading. Finally it shows up. There’s a major screw up- Magic is delivering the information while facing sideways. This is a huge problem. It’s almost unusable.

Debbie Gibson and Clay are clashing over the music and now the mural. Clay doesn’t want the mural done unless he can see a sketch, but Debbie has already had her cousin hire 15 workers and clear her schedule and can’t provide the sketch.

Ooooh drama. And cut.

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