Celebrity Apprentice 2012: ep14 And the Winner is…

Oh geez, The Donald is getting a ride from Mr. Andretti around Manhattan in a half-fake segment. The hair stays intact though. Trump gives us the recap of what’s happened so far. It’s down to Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken for the finale.

Back from last week Arsenio is totally screwed with Magic Johnson’s video of him talking but not facing the camera. Luckily a second clip comes in with Magic facing the camera the right way. Crisis averted.

On Clay’s team, Debbie Gibson is trying to get sketches of the mural her cousin will paint so Clay will approve them. Debbie gets on the phone with her cousin.

Both teams are at the venue now, trying to come up with a live show. Adam Carolla is trying to dominate a bit with Arsenio’s variety show, Arsenio sets him straight that he doesn’t want a roast type thing.

Clay’s got his whole team helping out to paint the mural, self included in a hefty bag over his clothes.

The events are getting read to start and Clay’s got a huge line, nobody’s there for Arsenio just yet. One of the Claymates brings a $20,000 check. Kelly Clarkson drops 10g’s. Orel Hershheiser shows up! With $20k for Clay. I guess he knows Debbie Gibson.

Leno brings Arsenio $5k as does Chris Rock. Eddie Murphy brought $10k, George Lopez $5. ANother check from Jay Leno?! Jimmy Kimmel drops ten grand. The Andrettie family does the same too.

Lisa Lampanelli hires a look-a-like drag queen to donate money to Clay’s team. Classy.

Trump shows up for the show. Arsenio’s got Whoopie Goldberg as his date tonight. They pull the curtain and it switches from two parties to one big party and it’s time for the performances.

Clay presents his video, which is pretty good. The wheelchair outside the circle of children is pretty powerful. Arsenio’s video works too, the Magic part fits in nicely. Now Arsenio’s team does the live presentation, a comedy thing. Lisa and Adam kinda roast Donald Trump a bit. Arsenio does a stand up bit. Clay’s team is doing some musical numbers starting with Dee Snider and Debbie Gibson doing Baby Love, then Aubrey O’Day with I Will Survive. Penn does a magic bit with Teller. Then Dee and Debbie duet on We’re Not Gonna Take It before Clay closes it out with Time of My Life with Aubrey and the others.

Off to the Boardroom. Adam Carolla is shocked that Lisa made a “Clay-tribution”. Arsenio’s team raises 167,000 bucks. Clay’s team raised nearly double that. But it’s not just about the money in this task. In the end both did well but it’s up to The Donald and he chooses…. Arsenio Hall. Arsenio is the Celebrity Apprentice 2012.

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