Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E01: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are baaaaaack. Kim is super pregnant with Kroy’s baby, Sweetie’s still with her. She’s moving in to her dream home which sounds like Kroy’s house. Whatever’s left from her ghetto garage sale last season is going to Kroy’s house. Pregnant Kim sounds like a nightmare if you asked me.

NeNe’s taking Bryson to look for a car; Brentt is with them. Apparently he wrecked the previous car. NeNe’s at her ex-college boyfriend’s car dealership, working a little flirting in to try to get a discount. He’s test driving a Dodge Charger. NeNe’s planning on paying cash for the car, spending her Celebrity Apprentice money. He takes off 1400 bucks to make it $13500 and she writes a check on the spot and Bryson drives off in his new car.

Sheree is in the studio where her multi-talented stylist Lawrence is recording some song. Sheree is pissed at NeNe about some event where NeNe went behind her back and took money from a promoter or something. Sheree says Trump recruited her for his show because they needed an irate angry bitch and that’s what they got. You got that right She by Sheree.

Cynthia time; she’s looking good as usual. She wants to run her own modeling agency and plans on starting her own business called the Bailey Agency. She’s doing an open call for models.

Phaedra is at a funeral home doing her lawyer thing since a family member passed. The funeral director has horse and buggy, doves, men in top hats playing horns and more. Dude’s got more tricks up his sleeve than a magician. He’s got a bevy of hearses; Phaedra picks one with flashing lights and music that plays on the outside of the vehicle. Just sliiiiiiightly over the top.

Cynthia’s at her modeling school with “Miss” J who is the resident expert on model walks. The potential models demonstrate their runway struts for Cynthia and Miss J.

Kandi time! Sheree and Phaedra are in a vibrator store waiting for Kandi. Kandi is “tardy for the party”. Kandi’s expanding her brand too- into adult bedroom toys.

Kim’s got six weeks until the baby is due. Kroy’s out of town and Kim can barely leave the bed. She’s got her kids running all sorts of errands around the house, getting her bizarre food combos all day. So yeah, pregnant Kim is as much of a nightmare as I expected.

NeNe’s heading out to settle up with Sheree about the money Sheree alleges NeNe is taking from her.

Phaedra’s at the funeral now as the horse drawn carriage approaches the gravesite led by men in top hats a trumpet playing When the Saints Go Marching. Phaedra gives a nice speech and they release the dove. Phaedra may have found her new calling.

The NeNe/Sheree meeting is on like Donkey Kong. Uh oh- NeNe’s drinking while she waits for Sheree to strut in. Sheree says they were doing an appearance and NeNe went to the producer and said he could have gotten Sheree for a cheaper rate. Sheree calls up the producer and busts NeNe in a lie since NeNe says she never talked to him directly. Caught in a lie, NeNe walks out yelling the whole way, shouting insults. Sheree takes off after her into the street yelling insults right back.

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