Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E03: Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy

Construction site and She by Sheree is meeting her beret wearing contractor as he destroys one house to get ready to build her dream house (which has a giant S over the front door in the plans). It’s a mere 8000 square feet- just the essentials Sheree says (like a ballroom for rollerskating).

Breakfast time at Phaedra’s house, and super cute Ayden’s getting fed. Phaedra is taking on the role of softie, coddling him and giving him what he wants while Apollo is tough on the kid. Apollo was pulled over and beaten by the police recently and it was in the tabloids. It was mistaken identity, apparently. Phaedra is upset because it makes her look bad.

Cynthia and Peter are cooking up some chicken. Cynthia’s daughter Noelle’s father Leon comes over and surprisingly he gets along well with Peter. Peter’s going back into the bar business, he says as he rolls his hands around a bowl of raw chicken wings. Leon asks about how her mother and sister hid the wedding certificate on their wedding day. Peter’s still pissed. Rightfully so.

She by Sheree is having trouble walking through a rock garden in heels to meet Kim out for lunch. Kim’s having a mere 180 people at her baby shower. Kim’s talking about moving into a big-enough-for-her-ego 17000 square foot house. Neither one likes “used” houses.

Uh oh, here comes trouble; NeNe Leakes. Brentt’s got a fancy suitcase packed to go spend a few days with his Greg, his father in Greg’s house. NeNe’s unsure if she can actually divorce Greg instead of working it out. There’s Gregg, ready to pick up Brentt. NeNe and Greg talk but don’t even look at each other.

Phaedra and Kandi are out shopping for Kim’s baby shower gift. Phaedra’s pretty evasive about the Apollo getting pulled over thing, not wanting to talk about it.

Kim’s getting all made up for her baby shower. The shower is in a huge fancy catering hall, there’s a large cake. Phaedra notes that Kim slammed her shower for being so extravagant and Kim’s is just as fancy. Kim’s father is trying to petition Phaedra for a job of some sort. Kim’s daughter gives a speech in front of everyone saying Kim’s now “knocked up”…classy.

Cynthia’s crazy late, which gives everyone time to blab about how Peter slammed them all in a magazine interview. They showed up 4 hours and 40 minutes into the 5 hour party; sans gift. Apollo and Peter start in with each other. Peter brings up Apollo getting pulled over. They look like they are about to get into a fistfight. They are really going at it. Apollo says he’s too old. Things are getting loud and heated.

Kim stays out of the drama as Peter and Cynthia leave after like 10 minutes.

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