Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E04: Jewels Be Dangled

Phaedra and Kim are recapping the near fight of Apollo and Peter at Kim’s baby shower. Phaedra apologizes to her. Kim’s still upset at Cynthia and Peter for showing up so late and not bringing a gift.

Cynthia brings her devious sister Mallory to show her Peter’s new nightclub, which is still a work in progress. If you remember, Mallory tried to hide the marriage certificate so they couldn’t get married. Cynthia, somehow, has forgiven her. Mallory and Peter sit down to talk. Peter is yelling at her, calling it selfish. Mallory says that Cynthia’s business is my business because we’re family. Not really sure if they’re all good after the talk.

Kandi and Phaedra are rocking some booty showing outfits as they look at a space for Kandi’s birthday party. There’s She by Sheree. She’s invited NeNe, which could be trouble. Phaedra tells Sheree she’s bringing a surprise that “only nature could provide”. Uhmmm hmm.

NeNe time, and she’s shoe shopping with Kandi and Derek J (who are both wearing the same animal skinned heels). NeNe’s shit talking about Kim and everyone else, what else is new?

Kim and Kroy are getting ready for the baby; they bring in Lisa, a baby consultant. Kim is freaking out about the circumcision. Kroy is getting lessons about how to change a diaper, using a dummy baby.

NeNe’s at Cynthia’s house. Peter’s on the phone with an investor in his new bar, and one of the checks for $40,000 bounced. NeNe reveals that even though they are separated, she had sex with Gregg. TMI NeNe, really TMI. Everyone’s looking forward to Kandi’s birthday party.

She by Sheree’s going to see her new house under construction. It looks like a hole in the ground, no sign of the “essentials” like her rollerskating ballroom. Progress is super delayed. Sheree is with Phaedra and Phaedra is giving the contractor the business and working her donkey booty. I don’t think that’s gonna help Phaedra.

Cynthia’s over at The Bailey Agency. Mallory is there, Cynthia asks her to help out at the agency when it opens. Cynthia tells her about the money situation with Peter’s new bar; Mallory says don’t even give him any money, you don’t want a situation like the last bar he had. Super tense between them. They can’t even get along long enough to put together a chair.

Kandi’s getting all made up and talking about how she’s turning 35 and wants a husband and another baby. Phaedra has a taser?! Why? Party time for Kandi. The ladies are split into two groups with Kandi in the middle. Phaedra rolls out the surprise in a giant red box. Oh no, it’s “Ridiculous” and he’s putting on a show, sucking himself off, putting his re”dick”ulous in Kandi’s drink and shocking everyone. The facial expressions of the ladies are awesome. Those poor Bravo editors who have to do so much blurring on this one, hopefully you got some overtime.

NeNe is disgusted and takes off along with Cynthia and Peter. NeNe is going off on don’t bring a stripper here, stripper this, stripper that…weren’t you a stripper? Kandi’s Mom is pissed the hell off and she leaves too, telling Kandi not to call her. Well at least Phaedra and Kandi enjoyed the show. Weird ending to a party.

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