Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E05: Whine Bar

Kandi’s at her boutique (she has a boutique?) and Phaedra shows up cake in hand to apologize for the “Ridickulous” display the other night at Kandi’s birthday. Kandi’s Mom is still super pissed, not answering her calls or returning messages. Kandi’s still confused why NeNe got up and left without saying goodbye at her party, all pissed about the stripper when she was a stripper herself back in the day.

There’s a fashion show at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Cynthia’s taking the mic in front of 700 people. She’s super nervous, making all sorts of errors. Public speaking isn’t really her forte, exactly. She blames it on the big stack of index cards.

Sheree shows up. Some NFL player that was rumored to be linked to NeNe shows up too as the ladies figure out who he is.

Cynthia’s at the Bailey Agency with the pissed off looking Malorie. She tells her Mom and sister about Peter’s problem with the investor backing out of the $40,000. Cynthia says she might invest her own money again. This upsets Malorie again, she’s crying now.

Sheree’s in the park playing soccer with 2 of her kids. Then ex-husband Bob shows up to play too. Sheree says Bob hasn’t paid child support in 4 years. Now she’s standing up for herself and demanding the money. So how is she affording Chateau Sheree? She says she’s going to take him to court. Bob says do it.

Kim is super super pregnant now. The baby is due any day now. Briele and the weird black dog are worried that Kim will lose interest in them once the baby comes.

Peter’s getting ready to open Bar One, do-rag NeNe comes by to check out the place and help out. She’s going to co-host the preview party. Peter tells Cythia he’s got the money covered now. He doesn’t want to take it from her because he doesn’t want Malorie all up in his business. Smart move Peter. Smart move.

Sheree’s in Phaedra’s office now and Phaedra, attorney to the stars is ready to take some real legal action. Phaedra says f that noise, send him to jail if he doesn’t pay up. And she can make that happen. Sheree starts tearing up.

Kim’s at her doctor now. She wants to make sure her epidural is all set up, especially since her last kid was 9 pounds at birth.

Kandi’s at her Mom’s house trying to settle up after the birthday party fiasco. Her Mom is pissed at Phaedra. She thinks Kandi disrespected her, even though it was a surprise and Kandi had no idea about it.

It’s Peter’s bar preview party an they’re still setting up furniture even after guests arrive. They’ve got AC problems, it’s hot as anything in there. Big Charles, the NFL guy rumored with NeNe is there with his girlfriend. Sheree is driving with Lawrence, she thinks it’s in a rough neighborhood. NeNe issn’t there yet, hmmmm. Place looks pretty nice though.

Everyone’s there, Kandi and Phaedra but where’s NeNe? Peter’s pissed, she’s supposed to be the host. He says screw it, I’ll do the announcement myself. Peter’s got a surprise for Cynthia, it’s a 15 foot giant mural of Cynthia on the wall with giant hair. A supersized afro. Like really big afro.

NeNe texted to say she had a wardrobe malfunction but it’s probably because Big Charles is there. Charles says they sort of went out one time but she was too into herself. Oh there’s NeNe. She’s making the rounds now. Five minutes left in the party and the co-host finally shows up as if nothing happened.

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