Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E06: Three Wigs and a Baby

Kim’s having her baby today- probably. Car is packed, Kroy looks nervous, and off they go. Dr. Hood in the house. He says she has signs of high blood pressure from the pregnancy. Doctor says the baby has to come out- now. Off to the hospital they go.

Cynthia Bailey time. She’s packing something up on her thick shag rug. Her closet looks like a small store, there’s o many handbags and jewelry and clothing in there. Cynthia’s going to New York for something. Peter’s not happy about this for some reason.

She by Sheree’s back at her new house which is still nothing more than a hole in the ground. Sheree tells her mom she’s going to have to take her ex to court to get the child support. Her mom says her dad never paid child support and never got Sheree the Speak and Spell she wanted every year.

Cue up the stock footage of NYC because the Real Housewives of Atlanta are taking Manhattan. Cynthia and NeNe are here for business. NeNe’s meeting with John who owns Famous Famiglia Pizza in New York. Cynthia’s meeting with Russell Simmons, who she dated years back when she was 18. Mmmm interesting.

Back in Atlanta Phaedra’s in court and dressed all business. She tries to butter up the judge before her client shows up. Luckily that kinda works for her client who is charged with excessive window tint and possession of marijuana. The judge gives him a sentence of fine and probation. He leaves in the same overly tinted car he got the ticket for and whips out a stack of hundreds to pay Pheadra.

Cynthia’s in Russell Simmon’s office and he’s got a stack of books on his desk. Oh he’s signing them all, makes sense. She tells him about her model search and the Bailey Agency. Russell says he’d date her if she was single and that she should change the name to the Bailey Agency School of Fashion.

Kim’s at the hospital now ready to pop this baby out. The nurse asks if she’s going to wear that wig during delivery… yes she will be.

Kandi’s mom is over and Kandi’s doing a photoshoot for her to put some sexy photos up on a seniors dating site. Kandi dresses her up and has her pose on a vintage Camara.

Now we see Sheree’s apartment. Sheree lives in an apartment? Bob served Sheree with papers for modification of child support. They say he only makes $3000 per month and he’s supposed to pay $2000 per month. Things are not looking good for Sheree, she’s serving cheese and mustard sandwiches to her son. Bob give her some damn money.

NeNe’s meeting John Kolaj now to talk business. He wants to starts some sort of lounge with NeNe, Lenethia Lounge. He lays down a string of compliments and orders for her, as if he’s on a date. He’s just totally awkward with her, he thinks he’s funny. He’s even feeding her now. He’s got a gift for her- in a Tiffany’s box. It’s a pen. This is a business meeting? Oh jeez now he’s got shoes for her. And one more gift? It’s an older man and he’s serenading her in Italian. W. T. F.?

Cynthia’s meeting her friend Kithe who has lost 82 pounds and looks like a totally different person. She complains to him that Atlanta is so materialistic and they are all about labels.

Back at the hospital, Kim’s kids and Sweetie come to visit before she gives birth. Kim looks like she’s about to pass out. Dr. Hood comes in, she’s cursing up a storm which means she’s ready to go. Oh commercial and now there’s the baby, a boy named KJ. Very cute. KJ stands for Kroy Jagger. Congrats to Kim. Woah flashback to the that psychic from last season who predicted a boy to go with the two girls.

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