Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E07: Law by Sheree

Sheree has been served.. by Bob. He wants to modify the child support amount… that he’s never paid. Sheree is worried about the court system, Phaedra tells her you got this girl.

There’s the Kandi theme music and it’s Kandi Koated Nights. She’s filming on an upgraded set with a big group. She’s got Big Charles and his girlfriend on the air. They bring up the NeNe thing. He brushes it off, again.

There’s Kim, Kroy and 1 day old KJ. They’ve got the baby and they’re taking him home. The baby poops on the bed, the dog pees on the rug, and Kim is spouting shit from her mouth.

NeNe and Cynthia are out clothes shopping. NeNe is not a fan of vintage…I’m not surprised. Cynthia mentions the Charles on Kandi Koated Nights thing; NeNe says they never dated really. Cynthia likes Charles’ girlfriend Marlo.

She by Sheree is showing off her new car to Phaedra. It’s a brand new Porsche. Phaedra says it’s probably not a good idea to drive a car worth more than most judge’s annual salary to her court date asking for child support. Phaedra gives her a fashion lesson, saying not to wear such expensive labels. She has to try on a few outfits for her to find the best court outfit (what, no She by Sheree outfit?)

Kandi’s meeting with a product development person for her line of vibrators…in a restaurant.

Kim is getting pissed off at everyone while taking care of KJ. Sweetie is washing Kim’s wig in the sink. Nasty.

Phedra is strolling into her office. Her assistant says Sheree told her to meet at a hair salon. Phaedra is worried that Sheree won’t pay her attorney bills, which apparently Sheree has a reputation for.

It’s court day and Sheree looks nervous as Phaedra calls her up. Phaedra tells a crying Sheree to stay strong.

Kim’s parents are coming over to see the baby. 14 year old daughter Brielle refuses to help out. Kroy’s doing all the work with the baby it sounds like. The dog pooped in the house.

Sheree in court, her Mom came to support her. Bob has decided to represent himself, which Phaedra says is a good strategy since he’s claiming he has no money to pay child support. Sheree says he went to Stanford so not only is he smart enough to represent himself, he’s smart enough to get a job. Bob serves her with contempt of court straight off the bat. They reschedule for another date and they’re done. Bob is claiming that Sheree took furniture he was entitled to in the divorce agreement.

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