Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E08: New Tricks

Phaedra Parks, attorney at law. Sheree walks in to discuss the hearing where Bob filed a contempt charge as a stall tactic. Sheree is questioning whether or not the whole case is worth pursuing. Phaedra says I ain’t filing no papers without getting any money and you didn’t give me my money until the day before. Phaedra says we can’t work together if we still want to be friends and returns her check. No need to fight over money.

Peter and Cynthia are doing a “power couple photo shoot” whatever that means. Cynthia messed up and didn’t send out some invites for her modeling school’s launch party in time. Peter starts arguing with her, says he won’t even help her mail these things out.

Kandi’s working on some lyrics in her studio. She’s Skyping with Jo Dee Messina, working on some country lyrics for her. Lil’ Ronnie’s helping out since he just wrote a hit for Scotty McCreery. Jo Dee tells Kandi to come on up to Nashville to throw around some ideas.

Kim’s moving in to her giant dream house with Kroy. The movers are taking her furniture, but not her wigs- they go in Kim’s car, seatbelted in. Cue up the flashback montage of everyone who has ever been in Kim’s townhouse.

NeNe’s giving Bryson a lesson of sorts even though he’s already 21. A lesson about using condoms. He doesn’t want to hear that. Neither do we.

Workers are doing final prep on Kim’s new house. The wigs are all strapped into their mannequins in the seats of her car as they stroll in to see her designer’s handiwork. Her daughters are happy with their rooms, Kroy is happy with the rock star baby room and Kim is happy overall.

OMG Kim is trying to do a breast pump while driving. Brielle holds the wheel.

Cynthia’s getting made up for her opening party. Her party planner calls her to tell her the CD player isn’t working and nobody is there yet anyway. The invitations probably arrived in most people’s mailboxes the day of the party, so Cynthia isn worried that nobody will show up; lucky for her there are people there- it’s packed actually. Her sister Mallory is talking shit about Peter not helping out at all but Peter’s telling Cynthia that he wants everyone to know that he didn’t do anything and it’s 100% Cynthia in all aspects.

All the ladies are at her party, even Kim shows up. Although Kim and NeNe haven’t seen each other since Cynthia’s wedding. Uh oh, in comes NeNe. NeNe is making the rounds and she says she used to be a model…lol. Now they introduce Cynthia and she makes a big speech thanking everyone and says thanks to Peter, come on up. But Peter is nowhere to be found. Probably in the bathroom or something, but seriously where is he?

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