Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E09: Unlikely Duos

Phaedra Parks with the suddenly huge son Ayden. Wasn’t he just born, and now he’s doing flash cards with a mohawk? Phaedra is excited about starting up the funeral home. She wants to do “funerals worth dying for”. She just needs to get Apollo on board with the idea.

Cynthia is at salsa lessons with Peter but she’s still pissed off about Peter disappearing at the Bailey Agency’s opening. Apparently he just left for the night without saying goodbye which is not ok with Cynthia.

Kim’s busting out at home. She’s stressed after having the baby and moving. Brielle is giving her teenage attitude. Kroy says she wouldn’t last 2 days in the real world, which is probably true. But hey, neither would Kim.

Kandi is out in Nashville at Jo Dee Messina’s house. She gets the house tour and then sings out her idea for Jo Dee. They start collaborating on some lyrics and melody. Kandi looks really nervous, playing with her hair the whole time. It seems to work out pretty well…Kandi goes country? Yep.

NeNe is at lunch with Marlo Hampton who is this year’s friend of the housewives who gets lots of airtime. NeNe sets the record straight about Charles, that they went out once and he’s not her type and they didn’t sleep together. They seems to get along for some reason. Marlo says she was arrested 7 times. Seven?! Said she did six months time for something.

She by Sheree and she’s visiting Kim with some yoga mats. Sheree says it’s time for Kim to start working out. Now Sheree is cooking up some kale for Kim who doesn’t seem to know what it is. Sheree is juicing the hell out of some veggies.

Phaedra’s at her friend’s funeral home to show Apollo the true spectacle of what funerals can be. He gets the tour but doesn’t seem that into it.

Kandi’s doing the town in Nashville, buying a cowboy hat. It doesn’t look bad actually.

NeNe’s pulling up in her Range Rover at a fundraiser in some mansion type place. There’s her bff Marlo. It’s hosted by Ted Turner’s daughter. The jewelry designer is showing off some of her creations and mentions the Dalai Lama which confuses NeNe who somehow has no idea who he is… hello NeNe, where have you been living?

Apollo tells Phaedra he’s not really feeling the funeral business. Somehow Phaedra convinces him to go for it.

Cynthia and Peter are heading into a church now to talk to a pastor about their relationship.

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