Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E10: Shaping Up and Shipping Out

NeNe is over at convicted criminal Marlo’s house which is just as over the top as everyone else’s right down to the shoe closet room. Oh there’s her staff, at least 2 of them, cooking her and serving lunch. NeNe tells her about the Africa trip, which Marlo calls the trip of a lifetime but NeNe says no way she’d go. Marlo wants to go.

Kim is bantering with Kroy about losing the post-pregnancy weight. Kroy is pro-exercise while Kim is pro- anything but exercise. She’s getting wrapped, whatever that means. Kim is getting wrapped up like a mummy, a full body wrap. She looks ridiculous. But an hour later, they re-measure her and she’s lost an inch here and there.

Kandi’s meeting with her trainer for a weigh-in. She’s pulling weights around and lifting up tractor tires and jumping through tires and doing pushups and leg lifts.

Cynthia is packing for her trip and Peter’s helping out a bit. NeNe decided to go to Africa but she’s bringing Marlo. Cynthia wants to really experience everything Africa, food, safari, culture and more. Peter’s a bit jealous she’s going anyway without him.

Over at the Phaedra household, Apollo is doing everything, taking out garbage, feeding the baby and more. Phaedra is worried about Marlo’s violent past and 7 arrests.

NeNe’s out with her assistant Andre (NeNe has an assistant?), shopping with Marlo for clothing for their trip. Her total is a mere $10,000 but don’t worry she puts the $8000 necklace back so it’s only $2000.

Kim and Kroy are out and with the football lockout ending, this could be his last day home for a while. Kim’s been waiting a year to have a drink and this is it. Back at the house Kim has her parents and Sweetie lighting a pathway of candles through the whole house to the bathtub.

The trip is starting as the ladies get dropped off at the airport by their loved ones. First She by Sheree appearance of the episode. Will they all get along or will it be drama central? Everyone’s surprised when Marlo shows up, and not in a good way. The more the merrier, maybe.

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