Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E11: South Africa- Just Like Home

Off they go, the ladies of the ATL on their way to South Africa. The ladies are in First Class on the long flight over the pond. Cynthia’s holding the handheld camera and seems a bit toasted. 16 hours later, they land in South Africa. They’re doing a few days in the big city- Capetown, before heading out to the bush.

NeNe and Marlo have a ridiculous amount of luggage, slowing everyone down in the airport. They’ve got a luxury penthouse for the 2 nights there. Marlo is going off about how she won’t share a bathroom. Which she has no right to ask for since she wasn’t even invited on this trip. Phaedra and Sheree are already annoyed by Marlo and they’re not even at the hotel yet.

The penthouse is pretty swanky, very modern and clean. It has a jacuzzi and a nice area. Crazy Marlo wants to know the names of the housekeepers working to make sure nobody tries to swipe anything.

Next morning and they’re having a beautiful breakfast on the balcony. They’re all getting along so far. Marlo is still giving etiquette lessons- blah blah blah. Phaedra namedrops the fact that she called up some Kings and Queens; they all laugh but she really did call! Everyone gets a gift from Phaedra, except Marlo who (per Phaedra) casually +1’ed on a 10 day international vacation.

Apparently Sheree has a friend in the area and she’s taking only Kandi and Phaedra to his house for a party. Awkward to do that on a group vacation. The three dissed talls leave to get ready.

Back in Atlanta, Kim is alone with the two girls and 11 week old KJ. Kim’s father tells her how much more balanced, nicer, and approachable she is since she met Kroy. Kim is getting annoyed at Sweetie for not helping enough.

Back in Cape Town the ladies are ready to hit the town. They’ve got a yacht ride planned. Marlo says Kandi’s been nicer than she thought she would be on this trip. Everyone’s trying to clear the air, even NeNe and Phaedra. Marlo’s pushing everyone to settle everything. Sheree and NeNe are still cold to each other but everyone else is straight.

They’ve got reservations in that traditional South African restaurant- Nobu. Might as well be going to McDonald’s ladies. Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree are getting ready for Sheree’s private dinner thing. Sheree extends the invite to Cynthia…but still not NeNe or Marlo. NeNe is upset that she didn’t invite Marlo; she’s ok with herself not being invited. Oh no, there goes Marlo down to Sheree to start shit up. Now they start going at it, Marlo’s going off about Sheree’s money problems and Sheree’s going off about how Marlo’s sleeping with an 80 year old man. Somehow NeNe is the peacemaker in this argument.

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