Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E12: Make It Rain Down in Africa

We’re still mid-blowout between Sheree and Marlo over who has more money or who returns things to department stores or who has more watches or who was invited to a dinner or something. It’s devolved into the level of two toddlers arguing in gibberish. Even NeNe is trying to stop this argument.

Off they go, Sheree, Phaedra and Kandi to the dinner. At her friend Kevin’s house up the candlelit stairs, past the African drummer, to the balcony with the fire juggler. The fire juggling is pretty cool actually as he twirls fire lit strings around in the air. Kandi is hitting it off with some model guy at the dinner table.

Meanwhile the other three ladies are at Nobu, much to Cynthia (and my) dismay. She wants something more authentically African than Nobu. Apparently for NeNe it’s exotic since Cynthia has to school her on how to use chopsticks. Cynthia and NeNe are a bit upset at Marlo for going off on Sheree.

Off to the club the talls go and the smalls show up soon after. Marlo gives Sheree the finger when she comes in. Then Marlo starts tossing money up in the air, make it rain like it’s a strip club. Phaedra and Kandi pick up the cash. It’s 3:35 am as they drive home; they have to leave at 7. And they all have the shades on and look a mess as they drive to the next destination which is way in the outback of Africa.

Shamwari Game Reserve and they’re at the lodge which is gorgeous. They are on safari. Marlo requests the concierge bring someone in for hair and makeup. Makeup? NeNe and Marlo get stuck in the older, less modern rooms after a random draw much to their dismay. Everyone else is happy about it though.

Next morning and Cynthia is waiting at the breakfast table for everyone else. The smalls all show up ready to eat, 20 minutes late, while Marlo and NeNe get hair and makeup done. It’s the ladies and the wild animals, why do they need to get all made up? NeNe gets a huge bouquet of flowers from Olives aka John from the pizza chain who is all over her.

Ready to go to safari and Marlo has sparkly disco pants and super high heels on. They drive off in the jeeps, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebras and more. They’ve split into two jeeps, the talls and the shorts. Marlo is talking the whole time, NeNe is snacking. They’re both scaring the zebras. And me.

Next day in the safari and they are heading out to an orphanage. They pass a shanty village. They come across a group of schoolchildren dancing and singing while on lunch break. The ladies go to a nearby supermarket and buy the hell out of that store to give out to the kids. They’re dropping $300-500 a piece for all the stuff. They hand out all the items at the orphanage and everyone feels good about it.

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