Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E13: No Bones About It

The Housewives are still on their African trip having come back from the safari and orphanage. They are all feeling good about how lucky they are compared to the orphans and the villagers…. and Marlo starts bitching about how her shrimp is raw.. stay classy Marlo. They’ve all bonded over this.

Next day and they ladies are on the move again in their van heading to the museum in Port Elizabeth. They are being shown the Xhosa culture. They meet after outside with an herbalist who is a fortune teller of sorts. He’s got bones from people that he’s going to talk to which freaks Phaedra out, until she learns they are just shells and dice. He tells them all whether they will find love. He says Sheree is too old to get remarried, lol.

Back at the hotel, Marlo’s got a spread out of all the shoes and bags she packed. Marlo brought 29 pairs of shoes. 29!!!! Why?

Next morning and Marlo isn’t feeling so hot. NeNe’s gonna stay back with her while everyone else goes out on safari. Nobody’s complaining about that. Kandi complains about how Marlo talks about money all the time while impalas and other animals run past the jeep, unnoticed. Uh oh, they’re eating a lunch out in the bush and here comes another jeep with NeNe.

NeNe is having none of their Marlo shit-talking. Cynthia does a 360 about Marlo as soon as NeNe comes in to the picture, suddenly she’s a Marlo fan. NeNe’s acting like they are in a 5 star restaurants, not having any food because of the flies around- in the middle of the savannah in Africa NeNe. Come on.

They come upon a herd of elephants and NeNe is scared shitless of them. They do seem to be pretty close to the jeep. The ladies give Kim a call back in Atlanta to see how she’s doing. Sheree starts shit up by saying Kandi couldn’t picture Kim going on the Africa trip. Kim and her horribly lipsticked assistant are pissed off at that.

Back in Africa the ladies are getting the chance to wear traditional African clothing for a barbecue for their last night there. Doesn’t stop them from arguing with one another about who the hell knows what.

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