Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E14: From Motherland to Haterville

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are packing up in Africa and getting ready to head back to Atlanta. It’s going to take a long time to pack all 40 pairs of Marlo’s shoes to her exacting specifications. Oh hell no she ain’t packing that shit herself, she’s got someone to do it while she eats sorbet in the bed, smugly.

Kandi’s still upset at Sheree for digging at her while on the phone with Kim. NeNe summons the help to help her zip up her luggage. Overall it seems like the ladies all took away a lot of good from the trip. Back to Atlanta they go!

Kim is holding 3 month old KJ and is looking for a nay to help out. She has 2 housekeepers who seem to be helping with the baby but she’s looking for a nanny in addition to those. Plus Sweetie who is lounging by the pool. One of the housekeepers was a nanny for 7 years- problem solved.

Cynthia and Peter are helping out Cynthia’s rarely seen daughter with some homework. Peter says he’s planning a big 1 year anniversary party for them; a surprise of sorts. Cynthia says that NeNe called her and her son Bryson got arrested again, for shoplifting or something. Peter says he’ll sit down and talk to him.

At Kandi’s house, mama Joyce is over. Kandi shows off some Africa pictures and explains the whole Sheree situation, worried that Kim might think she called her a racist.

Kim is having trouble with Sweetie. Kim’s got some photos she took (nude, natch) that she wants blown up to decorate the house with. She talks to her decorator Kendra about what to do with Sweetie, since she’s not really a help anymore. Unfortunately Kim believes Sheree on the “not holding a black baby” situation. Wrong Kim.

Phaedra and Kandi cruising around some rich neighborhood, admiring the big mansions. They swing by Sheree’s building lot which is not much more than a hole in the ground at this point.

Kim also has a chef, lol. Anyone else helping out Kim? Sheree comes to visit Kim. New nanny Pincha is feeding KJ. Sheree doesn’t exactly set the record straight with Kim, in fact she stirs up the pot more so, saying Kandi really did say that stuff. Here come Phaedra and Kandi.

NeNe and Peter are at a catering place, planning the 1 year anniversary party. Of course NeNe is late. He wants to have 150 people for a black tie affair. Can Peter afford the party? That’s the big question. He’s all about the budget. Peter takes the opportunity to talk to NeNe about Bryson. NeNe doesn’t want to bail him out; he’s been locked up 5 days so far. NeNe says he can stay there for 30 days; Peter says that’s way too long, he’s been in long enough bail him out now.

Back to Kim’s little soire. Crudite is served as the ladies discuss their African trip. They mention the orphanage and….awkward. Sheree starts in with the lies again. Now Kim thinks Cynthia said she wouldn’t hold a black baby. All hell breaks loose as Sheree and Kandi go at it. Kim is still not getting it and thinks that Kandi doesn’t believe she would be in an orphanage.

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