Real Housewives of Atlanta: S04E15: Peaches and Screams

We start off with Kim’s patented “Sweeeeeeeetie” call. Kim’s got her dad and Sweetie tossing her stuff into the dumpster. Kim is getting more and more pissed at Sweetie at how slow she’s “working”. She’s lost all boundaries with Sweetie, who keeps telling her no I won’t do what you ask.

Phaedra Parks, badonkadonk at law. She’s at the funeral home again, trying to embalm 10 bodies so she can get her mortician license. Lucky for us, unlucky for her, they start her off with a dummy. They cut her neck, drain her blood, sew her up, and make up the dummy.

Peter is making arrangements for Cynthia’s surprise party. Peter’s about 20% over budget. He’s got a Bentley limo picking them up (comped from his buddy). He says hell no I don’t want Mal in the limo with us, keep your sister in her own car. Cynthia’s not happy about that one for some reason. Let her get there her own way, girl.

Kim’s got her hairstylist over fixing her hair (or her wig? or something back there). Sweetie’s late for work, as usual. Sweetie’s stressing her out and not doing stuff for the kids. She’s been rude to the kids too.

Uh oh, there’s Mallory, at Cynthia’s. Cynthia leaves Marlo a message inviting her to the party. She mentions they have a budget of $10,000 and they’re both paying for it. Mal gives her a look. Then Mal starts bad-mouthing Peter, she calls him an asshole. Cynthia breaks the limo news to her; Mal ain’t happy about that. Whatever Mal, you ruined the wedding, don’t ruin the anniversary party too.

NeNe Leakes, at home and there’s Gregg coming over. Gregg bailed Bryson out the previous night. Gregg says let me talk to him. Gregg asks why did you steal 2 razors? Gregg gives him the talking to. NeNe says you have to go out and find a job and it’s time to get out of the house.

90 minutes before Cynthia’s anniversary party and the planner Tony is getting everything set up at the mansion. Meanwhile the limo isn’t even showing up at their house. Peter is yelling at the limo dispatcher, looks like it’s time for plan b. They drive off in their own car.

It’s party time now, Peter’s in his white tux, Cynthia’s got big hair and looking good. NeNe shows up in some god-awful animal print thing. There’s Derek J, there’s Marlo and her date- some random dude. There’s Malorie and Cynthia’s mother. Her mom says that Peter might be bi-polar and moody, Mal says he’s controlling. They’re both surprised they’ve made it a year together.

She by Sheree on her way with Lawrence. Sheree is recapping the whole not inviting Marlo to the party incident from Africa. Her version of it, is pretty far from the truth- especially the part where she says that she invited her to come along to the party.

There’s Kandi, looking good in a really short sexy little number. Really short. Kim’s not showing up since Cynthia was talking shit about her in Africa (or so she heard from Sheree, who finally shows up two and a half hours late). Lawrence tries to settle the Marlo and Sheree fight from Africa.

Peter gives a toast, and a little dig at Malorie. Actually like 5 digs at Malorie on microphone. Tension, drama, poor Cynthia. Malorie is in tears, freaking out.

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